Nun Gives Birth, Claims She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

Nun Gives Birth, Claims She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

So, just last month I wrote about actual American moms who claim they’re virgins. Do these women really think anyone believes they’re virgins? It’s ridiculous. Those were my first thoughts, at least.

And then as I began to learn more about who these women are and what their backgrounds and family life were like, I actually felt sad for them. Most of the mothers who claim they’re virgins come from homes that never had “the sex talk.”

Is it possible these women don’t actually know how a baby is made?

I mean, is it?

In this day and age?


Are they just so ashamed to be pregnant and “unwed?”

Obviously, I don’t have the answers. But there’s someone who might. Someone who can relate to these other Virgin Mothers.

A nun in Italy. She just gave birth to a baby boy after she rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. The 31-year-old claims she had no idea she was pregnant, according to BBC news.

Will I go to hell if I call her a liar? I mean, I try really hard to be understanding. And I totally stay out of the Mommy Wars when it comes to breastfeeding, weight gain, working, whatever. To each their own. But come on, sister. You’re 31 and you didn’t know you were pregnant? I’d love to ask her how a baby is made.

Is it possible she doesn’t know? I’m no expert on what nuns are and aren’t taught these days, so I don’t know: Maybe she doesn’t know where babies come from.

According to the BBC article, the nun plans to take care of her son, so that’s good. Maybe she can start a support group for Virgin Moms of the world.

The best part of this story — yes, it miraculously gets better — is that she named the baby Francis, after the Pope.


Source: BBC News
Photo credit: Stephan Rosger

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