Nursery Crafts: Wall Letters

I have been working on wall letters for our daughters nursery for a while now. Longer than I originally planned on, that is for sure!

I knew I wanted to make something cute for Little Miss A’s room just like I did for the boys when they were born, although the letters I did were different for them, and I think the craft ideas over the last over three years have expanded drastically for designing these kind of craft projects.

I started looking around at different websites, and Etsy stores that actually sell these letters, and then the hunt was on for a font I liked. I settled with buying the unfinished wooden letters from and had them custom ordered.  8 inch letters, in the funky fun font.

Oh, and don’t think I am letting you in on any fancy secret about her name. A and D are just two letters that people already know are included in her name, it doesn’t mean they are in order. I just wanted to feature the two different color letters I made!  So keep guessing!

Anyway, I picked out two different colors that would go nicely with the colors in her bedroom, a lime green and light pink.  The lime is more of a creamy green color though, I am still trying to figure out why they named that specific shade lime green.

Once I had painted the letters fully, then came decorating them. I went with a simple polka dot type design because I am not the most crafty or artistic person out there, and doing it by hand would have been challenging for me if I took on anything more complex. Although I came across a set with owls painted on them and I would have loved those, although $14 per letter when my child has 7 letters in her name was simply… out of the question! I am all for hand made things, but some things are highway robbery!

So after decorating them, I am going to take some of my various colors of ribbon I have from my hair bow obsession… pictured below:

I am thinking the pink and white polka dots since it will match. Now I will hot glue the ribbon to the back to hang them.  But this is about as crafty as I get!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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