Nursery DIY: How We Turned Our Dresser Into A Bookshelf

It's a dresser, it's a bookshelf, it's BOTH!

You may remember way back in June when I told you how I found this awesome antique dresser with birch branch handles at the farmer’s market.  And how even though I already had a dresser for the nursery, I couldn’t resist picking up this second one it was just too perfect of a fit.

The dresser drawers were a little funky at first, but with an easy $4 makeover project, they quickly became good as new!  Now the only problem that remained was space.  I saw this inspiration dresser over on Oh Dee Doh, and knew immediately that this was the perfect solution for our nursery.

See how we used four simple (and so inexpensive!) spice racks to turn our nursery dresser into a bookshelf…

  • The original dresser 1 of 9
    The original dresser
    The only problem with having two dressers was the issue of SPACE. I had originally hoped to have a bookshelf in the room to store what else? BOOKS, and other small toys and things. But with two dressers in the room, I knew there would be no additional floor space for another piece of furniture.
  • The inspiration dresser 2 of 9
    The inspiration dresser
    And then I stumbled across this on Oh Dee Doh! It was literally the perfect solution. A dresser and a bookshelf all in one, and totally adorable if you ask me. I made a note of exactly how the inspiration dresser was done, and planned to stop at my IKEA store the next time I headed down to south Seattle.
  • Spice racks into bookshelves? Why not! 3 of 9
    Spice racks into bookshelves?  Why not!
    A few weeks later, I had four Bekvam spice racks sitting in the nursery, just waiting to be magically turned into bookshelves.
  • An affordable solution 4 of 9
    An affordable solution
    The best part? They each cost $3.99, and with no other supplies needed, our bookshelf project cost a whopping $16. Awesome.
  • Outsourcing the manual labor… 5 of 9
    Outsourcing the manual labor...
    I did the shelf/spice rack assembling myself, and then enlisted some muscle for the logistics of actually hanging them so that they would be level and safe. I'm pretty sure anything hung by me would end up being ripped straight off the shelf the first time the baby tried to use them to pull himself up to standing.
  • Voila – spice racks into bookshelves, indeed! 6 of 9
    Voila - spice racks into bookshelves, indeed!
    A few measurements and screws later, what were once spice racks became bookshelves filled with fabulous stories just waiting to be read.
  • And the other side… 7 of 9
    And the other side...
    I am already having so many goofy pregnant lady fantasies about sitting in the glider and reading bedtime stories to our little boy. I wonder what his favorite book will be…
  • The completed look 8 of 9
    The completed look
    Can you believe that with only $16, our funky antique dresser became a gorgeous double-duty bookshelf? The look is completed with our new gumball lamp from Land of Nod, and a few other important baby items. (Apparently every baby needs a Sophie?)
  • Hurry up, baby! 9 of 9
    Hurry up, baby!
    All that's left to do is hang the artwork on the wall above! Other than that, we are just waiting for him to tell us he's ready to enjoy his fun and colorful new space.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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