Ode to my Chiropractor

What do you do to stay healthy during pregnancy?

First I should say that I grew up receiving chiropractic care especially after I my car accident at 17. In fact, I credit chiropractic with the reason I was able to avoid neck surgery at such a young age.

Once I got pregnant I found a chiropractor who had a Family Care plan where I pay I flat, cash-pay amount each month and am able to bring the whole family for care as often as needed. Usually we just check in once a week and get the kids little bumps and tweaks taken care of before ear-infections and stomach upsets take hold.

But when I’m pregnant, I sure am glad that I have the option to go in as often as necessary!

When my daughter was breech at 36 weeks, and then posterior for the next month (a more difficult and painful delivery) I scheduled extra sessions to make sure my pelvic alignment wasn’t preventing her from turning, and to encourage her to move intoa  good position.

When my third-born settled very low three weeks before he was born, and caused a lot of hip pain, I was able to go in regularly for adjustments so that I could walk.

And now, with baby #5, my hips are remembering that whole “Relaxin” thing (the hormone that causes joints to soften and become more mobile in preparation for delivery) and my lower back pain is increasing with every passing day and added pound. Baby Girl England is growing and active, and my hips are paying the price.

Chiropractic care can help during pregnancy to not only relieve back pain problems, but is also very beneficial for after the delivery. A Danish study showed that colicky infants showed a large amount of subluxations in the thoracic (chest) and cervical (neck) areas which chiropractic can help to correct. Not that colic is “cured” with chiropractic, but that many of the symptoms can be relieved or diminished.

For me it keeps me mobile. Keeps me energetic enough to tag after the other kids, run to the soccer field here, and co-op class there and grocery store in this town and hardward store in this town. Goats, chickens and kids alike when other lives depend on you it’s important to stay full-strength and full-steam! Chiropractic care on a regular basis is a huge prt of that for me, as is pilates and massage therapy (the three work together like the legs of a table for supporting good health).

What do you do to take care of yourself during pregnancy?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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