Offbeat Ideas for Nursery Art

I didn’t do much in the way of a nursery for my son. I’m not a great decorator and we were in a rental when he was born. This time around, however, I’ve got chronic nesting fever and planning out the nursery is one of my favorite past times. It’s not unusual to find me popping into Ikea or Buy Buy Baby just to take  peek at furniture. I gaze at the walls of the room the baby will use like Michelangelo must have gazed at the block of marble in which he found David.

I’m a pretty non-traditional chick so you won’t find me adorning the walls with Alice in Wonderland prints or the baby’s name spelled out in pastel letters. I think all of that stuff is adorable but it’s not what I’ll want to look at while rocking the baby back to sleep at 3am. I think that the nursery needs to be not just a soothing place for the baby to rest and feel safe, but a haven for parents as well. I want the walls to tell me a story, one I’ll want to look at again and again. A story that I’ll remember fondly when the days of midnight feedings and bedtime stories are long past.

Here are a few of the ideas I’ve had for nursery art:

  • ModTots 1 of 7
    I love, love, love these paintings. Gregg Deal is a a local artist who kicked off this brilliant kids line a year ago and I absolutely covet a row of these cute animals hanging above a crib.
    Photo Credit: ModTots
  • Decals by evgieNev 2 of 7
    Decals by evgieNev
    These decals are gorgeous, fun, and provide a lot of different images for your eye to track as you sit rocking a baby late into the night
    Photo Credit: evgieNev
  • Favorite Characters 3 of 7
    Favorite Characters
    Sure, Pooh Bear is more traditional than Muppets but since the baby will be too young to express a character preference, I'm looking for what will give me a smile.
    Photo Credit:
  • Hot Guys! 4 of 7
    Hot Guys!
    I kid, I kid! Mostly…
    Photo Credit:
  • Fine Art 5 of 7
    Fine Art
    Poster reproductions of your favorite art are inexpensive and can set a mood for a nursery. Paintings like this one by Georges Seurat are soothing and tell dreamy stories.
    Photo Credit: Art Institute of Chicago
  • Photography 6 of 7
    Photography is one of my favorite media and Christina Saull is one of my favorite photographers and a personal friend. Her travel shots are a pop of color and always make me daydream of magical places.
    Photo Credit: Christina Saull Photography
  • Favorite Quotes 7 of 7
    Favorite Quotes
    Give yourself something to read (and ponder) by printing and framing some of your favorite quotes.

Note: Although two of the artists I mention here are personal friends, I received nothing for highlighting their work. I just really do think they’re that good.

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Photo credit: ModTots

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