Officially Taking Guesses: Girl or Boy?

Our big ultrasound is tomorrow, which means our minds are pretty much on one thing only. We want to know if this baby is a girl or a boy. We will be thrilled with either, but patience is not a virtue we possess. So I thought it might be fun to play a little prediction game.

You guys can draw on your vast knowledge of accurate prediction powers and other prediction tales to play along.

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, which looks at the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception, I am having a boy. Though if you do this for my birth, I was also apparently supposed to be a boy.

The baby’s heart rate has been 160, 155, and 150 beats per minute at 8 weeks, 14 weeks and today at 17 weeks. I’m told there’s a correlation with sex and heart rate, so perhaps this will lead you somewhere.

I have been consistently craving primarily sweet and sour things this whole time. Though to be fair I have always had pretty much the world’s biggest sweet tooth, so I’m not sure this is reliable. I also have enjoyed my fair share of spicy foods, and then the heartburn thereafter.

Weight gain wise, I’m up 7 pounds at 17 weeks and it is about half in my boobs and half in my belly. Though my husband thoughtfully added that it might be in my butt a little bit too. The bump is too small to identify as carrying high or low, so I can’t help there.

My skin is an absolute hot mess and has been pretty much since day one. I usually have relatively clear skin with a mild breakout near my period, so this has been an unpleasant change. My hair is growing fast, but now it’s also falling out a little faster than usual. My fingernails are also growing lightning fast, and I can’t blame that on the vitamins since I’ve been on them for a year now. This is all baby, I think.

I had and still have some morning sickness. The nausea began at 6 weeks and only began to let up at around 15 weeks. I still have a few mornings filled with gags and that kind of fun now, but it is finally better. And I have been largely averted to all meat, especially chicken.

And of course, my inklings. At first I thought girl, then at around 10 weeks, I became completely convinced it was a boy. But then 2 nights ago I had a dream that it was a girl. And that plus the fact that we have a boy’s name and cannot come up with a girl’s name to save our lives, has me firmly in the girl prediction group right now. Although my grandpa, who swears he has accurately predicted the sex of all his kids and grandkids, says boy.

So, based on all that scientific information, what do you think? Are we going team blue or team pink?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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