Oh, My Aching Hands

I feel like I jinxed myself by writing about last-month pregnancy symptoms. I had a laundry-list of aches and pains and assumed that it was bad as it was going to get. But, alas, I was wrong. So wrong.

I mentioned that my hands were starting to hurt, but now, it’s full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome.  

The carpal tunnel is literally a tunnel in your wrist that is formed by three wrist bones and a ligament.  When you’re pregnant, you naturally retain fluids and swell, so the tight space gets even tighter, increasing pressure and causing pain, tingling, and numbness in your arm, wrist, and fingers. While symptoms come and go (well, mine haven’t gone anywhere yet…), they are usually worst after sleeping.

I’ve tried relieve the pain using all the recommended tricks: reducing sodium, keeping my hands straight – not bent – at night, and stretching my hands. I’m bad at ‘avoiding repetitive motions’  because I type for a living. Whoops. Nothing, so far, has cured the pain.

Well, the one thing that has helped is acupuncture. My husband is an acupuncturist and treated four points in my wrist – the pain was immediately reduced by 50%. I was actually amazed at the effectiveness and efficacy of the treatment. Unfortunately, the relief didn’t last for long – probably because I spent all weekend weeding our back garden, which was pretty stupid of me.

Have you experienced carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy? What gave you relief?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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