Oh, the Headache!

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Ever wonder what taking Clomid is like? I mean, what does it do? What are the side effects?

Well, I kept a detailed journal of the last five days so that I could share my personal experience with you.**

Day One

7:00 am — Take Clomid.

11:00 am — Smile smugly, telling myself that Clomid is no match for me.

11:55 am — Take two Tylenol for a sudden onset of a headache.

2:30 pm — Turn into a sobbing mess at a bridal shower when talking to the mother of the groom. Convince myself that my 2-year-old son will be walking down the aisle any day now.

5:00 pm — Become irrationally angry at a passing rain shower.

6:00 pm — Take an Alieve to try to conquer the worsening headache that the Tylenol didn’t even touch.

6:30 pm — Make note to throw out that bottle of useless Alieve.

Day Two

6:58 am — Wake and wince from the relentless headache.

7:00 am — Take Clomid and Tylenol.

7:01 am — Complain to husband about massive headache.

7:02 am — Make mental note to get revenge on husband who does not have headache.

10:00 am — Notice that daughter has apparently grow three inches in the past month. Tell myself that she is no longer a baby, while sobbing and wiping my nose with my sleeve.

1:30 pm — Put kids down for nap, lay perfectly still on the couch and hope that either the headache goes away or I die quickly.

2:00 pm — Curse the fact that neither of the aforementioned wishes have been granted.

5:30 pm — Consider actually paying my children to play the quiet game.

Day Three

7:00 am — Take Clomid.

7:01 am — Swear at headache that will apparently never ever go away and take two more Tylenol.

9:20 am — Watch daughter’s ballet lesson through self-pitying tears that I never took ballet as a child.

11:00 am — Walk through grocery store, internally fuming over the fact the person in front of me needs to hurry the #$)!_ up!!!

11:24 am — Cry in the car because I am so frustrated with aforementioned slow person.

1:20 pm — Take two more Tylenol and ponder the damage I’m doing to my liver.

2:04 pm — Rage like a crazy person because you cannot find a pen. Anywhere!

2:05 pm — Vow to bring bodily harm to whoever hid all of the pens.

4:00 pm — Cry that naptime is over. Already.

Day Four

7:00 am — Take Clomid.

9:59 am — (Im)patiently wait outside Costco for them to open so I can buy the biggest bottle of Tylenol sold.

11:48 am — Curse headache that I am certain is just snickering at me.

1:30 pm — Lay on couch and repeat prayers from day three that I just die already.

1:45 pm — Text husband to complain about headache.

1:46 pm — Call husband to complain about headache.

1:47 pm — Vow to restrain myself from harassing husband at work over headache.

4:42 pm — Decide that it’s “close enough” to 5:00 and pour a much-needed glass of wine.

4:45 pm — Open mail. Sob uncontrollably over the kind words in a card from a friend that read, “I know the Clomid is rough but hang in there. This too shall pass.”

Day Five

7:00 am — Take Clomid.

7:01 am — Do a 30-second happy dance that I have taken the last two pills!

7:01:30 am — Curse the headache that cut my happy dance short.

7:02 am — Take first two Tylenol of the day.

10:00 am — Wonder why we have to listen to The Wheels on the Bus on a constant loop.

10:06 am — Decide to open front door during naptime and hurl the aforementioned CD as far as humanly possible.

11:47 am — Cry over the injustice of having to prepare lunch.

1:00 pm — Continue with ongoing liver damage by choking down two more Tylenol.

1:29 pm — Hope and pray that the Clomid works, and that the headache goes away one day in the very near future.

**This is my personal humorous account. Others who have taken Clomid have experienced no side effects at all. Lucky me.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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