Oh, the Places You’ll Lose your Lunch!

Just because you’re expecting, doesn’t mean the world will throw pity on you and allow a 40 week sleepfestapalooza! No, no siree!

Just like the good ole’ Dr. Seuss once wrote: “Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! Oh, the places you’ll go!

Mark my word ladies, even if you feel like you’re going to DIE, there will be times you’ll need to leave the house. And unfortunately, during pregnancy, whether it’s your first trimester or your third, vomit sometimes happens.

During my first pregnancy, my favorite place to vomit was my cubicle work station trash can. Every day, around 11:30, an unsympathetic (male) co-worker would reheat his left-over Chinese take out and smell up the whole office. Ugh, I could get sick just thinking about it!

Today, let’s stand tall and be proud! Let’s not hang our pretty heads in the toilet bowl of shame!

Yesterday I asked, and a few of you answered: Where is the most unsuspecting place you have vomited?

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    "My best friend would frequently puked in front of her class. Yup, a teacher, she'd run for the garbage a lot. And miss a lot. And have the custodian come in a lot."
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    "I have thrown up in class, in my shirt, in a diaper, in a Mc Donald's cup in my car on the way to work, umm...yeah. this list just keeps going."
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    "On the nurse who set one of my IV's. He had it coming, telling me it was okay to look when there was actually blood SQUIRTING OUT OF MY ARM. Of course I was going to vomit on him."
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    "My in-laws' hallway trying to make it to their bathroom. Oatmeal everywhere."
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    "All over my husband in the middle of birth. He was standing there holding the vomit tray they gave me. About a spittle's worth made it in the actual tray. The rest, on his shirt."
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    "I personally liked barfing in the kitchen sink. Run the garbage disposal and you can pretend like no one can hear you! The faucet is like a built in drinking fountain/hose assistant! Very easy to clean out! NO BENDING OVER! No dirty toilet smell!"
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    "Fast food parking lot, right before my Grandmother's funeral."
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    "A big planters right outside my office."
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    "Produce section of my favorite grocery store."
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    "In my shirt. Not down it, but in it."
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    "In a communal shower at my gym."
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    "Department of Revenue, while arguing a tax bill in the Woman's trash can next to her desk. "
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    "I made a MAD dash through a conference call meeting once on my way to the restroom. All my (male) coworkers looked at me as I ran through the conference room like I was nuts but they couldn't say anything because of the client on speakerphone."
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    "I was in a musical this summer through my local repertory theater and ended up barfing, in costume and full stage make-up, most evenings before or during the show."

Barf happens, it’s part of this game called “Gestation”.

Now it’s your turn. Go ahead, be a one-upper. Where have you “tossed the cookie craving”?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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