Old Maternity Clothes: What To Do With Them?

With my 25th week upon me and the season changing from winter to spring with almost alarming speed (85 degrees in March? Really?), I’m aware that I’m in the home stretch wardrobe-wise.  I’ve been out picking up the bare bones essentials of what I’ll need for these last weeks of pregnancy, trying not to spend too much money on clothes that I’ll only be wearing until the end of June. Which, of course, means I’m wearing things that are laughably big right now but will fit nicely in 10 weeks.

Today I returned from a shopping trip inspired to sort through my drawers and remove everything that doesn’t fit or will be too heavy for the weather. I tried on some things I still had packed away and pulled out a few tops that I know will be good for nursing. And I set aside clothes that I’m done with forever and always since this will be my last pregnancy. The pile is not small. The clothes are in good shape.

A friend told me this morning that she’s 8 weeks along. I’m delighted for her, needless to say. As I was sorting and packing up clothes, I had the thought that I should offer them to her. We’re about the same size and some of the work things, especially, could be useful for her in the months to come.

But I’m not going to give them to her. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not hoarding them or selling them. I am going to give them away. I’m just not going to give them to my friend.

See, my friend has a job and a stable marriage and a nice home. There are women who have none of that. Abused women, homeless women, women who need a hand up. Pregnant women, some of them. Knowing that those women are out there and could use my cast off jeans and sweaters is what prevents me from handing off my clothes to someone whose need for them is only a small-n need.

There are two organizations in my area that I will be contacting to offer my clothes to. Both help women in difficult circumstance – abuse, poverty, homelessness.  The donation of clothes will be tax deductible but that’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it to help another mother whose need has a capital-N.

What will you be doing with you old maternity clothes?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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