Once Upon a Time I Could See My Toes.

the view from up here
The View From Up Here - Toes No Where To Be Found!

This weekend as I was waiting around for my family to finish looking at a museum exhibit. Standing their playing on my iPhone, I took pause and noticed something. I can no longer see my toes. It’s like they were there yesterday and gone today. This is the view from where I stand.

Frightening isn’t it? I swear I could see my toes until at least week 30 last time… but this time, like each time is different from the last.

This pregnancy, I’ve experienced no morning sickness.  The pains of the last pregnancy seem non-existent. I still can’t sleep and I still crave Mexican food for every meal.

I’m not quite sure why, but this toe thing has me bothered.

  • Maybe because I am a compulsive flip flop wearer and am mortified by ugly, unpainted, chipped toe nails.
  • Maybe because it’s a sign of my pregnancy nearing it’s end.
  • Maybe it’s because I feel as huge as a house and the fact that I can’t see my toes, is a reminder.

Whatever it is, I leaned over a bit with my iPhone and found them.

Found. 10 Toes Hiding Beneath The Baby Belly
Found. 10 Toes Hiding Beneath The Baby Belly

There they were. Beyond the massive baby belly that is growing my fourth child, are my toes. (That are due for a pedicure.)

When Did Your Toes Start Hiding From You In Pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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