One Born Every Minute: Week 2 Re-cap

I know… I know!  Last week I said I would never be watching the Lifetime Network birth show One Born Every Minute again after the horrible premier episode.  Unfortunately for my curiosity, I had to tune back in this week, because I am addicted to train wreck shows like this… and Teen Mom.

I must say though, this week was slightly refreshing, although still a horrible and scary example of childbirth in general. But it kind of let me know that there obviously is some kick ass nurses on staff at this hospital in Ohio.

The three couples this week included a first time mother in labor at 36 weeks with a husband that was on edge, and annoying me through the TV… he was anxious, and continued to cite “ADD” for being very eager. A same sex lesbian couple welcoming twins, with a unique twist… two different sperm donors, of two different ethnic backgrounds, and they had no idea who the fathers would actually be!   And then a mother in labor with her first baby, and her husband welcoming his third child. Interestingly enough, they mentioned that they met on myspace, I loved it considering I was just talking about social media hook ups and babies the other day!

The first couple, the social media hook up had a pretty good labor overall, but experienced a very scary shoulder dystocia. This is where the head delivers, and then the shoulders of the baby become stuck, it is a true medical emergency during delivery. Surprisingly baby Emma was only 7 pounds, when we typically see this rare complication in larger babies. The hospital staff acted very quickly because they were suspecting it during the pushing phase, although the one thing that bothered me as a mother is the fact that when the baby was born, no one stayed with the mother, and father to explain what was going on, even though extra staff, including a NICU team came in to care for the baby.

The mother and father were scared to death, asking questions, inquiring about the baby crying, what was going on, everything… And no one took a moment to tell her. As a mother, I would have probably passed out, or flipped out. Once the baby was stable, and crying, she went right to the mother, but someone really should have stayed with the mother and father to explain to them the situation.

The second birth was the scheduled c-section for the twins, and I absolutely adored the couple. These women were hysterical, and overall really pleasant to watch. I always feel so strange watching mothers walk themselves into the operating room for a c-section, as I am sure I will feel myself come my turn in May. But everything went perfectly for these mothers.

Turns out, the question of the donors was answered right at birth. One baby ended up with the African American donor, like the mothers. And the second baby ended up with the white donor. It certainly will make life interesting for their new little family as they grow.  But it was certainly refreshing to watch.

Then the third couple with the anxious father. Being through labor twice myself, I can tell you he would have gotten a one way ticket home if he was my husband. Mom was 36 weeks pregnant and her water broke, and contractions started on her own. Her first nurse, a 38 week pregnant mother was actually complaining that she was still pregnant at 38 weeks, and that her patient was only 36 weeks. Because it was totally not fair. Ugh!  That nurse gets two thumbs way down!

The labor was long, and very uneventful. During this time the father ate, asked if she wanted to play cards, texted everyone he had ever met in his lifetime, cheered like he was at a baseball game, and kept talking about how long and boring everything was. Really because I am sure your laboring wife didn’t notice!

In the end she birthed, and then Dad had something to do… hold the baby.

Certainly uneventful compared to last week, but I really think that for the viewers, especially first time mothers, or pregnant women who were watching, they should have commented on the shoulder dystocia a little more.

And that is my review for week 2!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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