One Man Confesses: 5 Worst Things About Being With a Pregnant Woman

Ladies, with all the things we have to put up with during pregnancy, it hardly seems fair that any man would complain about how tough your pregnancy is for him. But, one brave soul has come forward to do just that.

What do you think of what he says about being with a pregnant woman? Is it thoughtless to just blow off his feelings when you’re experiencing the brunt of the pregnancy? Or are his complaints justified?

(UPDATE: I originally found this story on Australia News Online (as sourced throughout and below from the get-go), and the lovely folks there were lucky enough to get the original from Toulouse and Tonic.) 

  • The 5 Worst Things 1 of 6
    5 Worst Things About Being with a Pregnant Woman

    Click through to see what this one very brave man has to say about being married to a pregnant woman...

  • MOOD SWINGS 2 of 6
    Mood Swings of Pregnancy

    "Crazy as it seems, that beautiful and sexy woman you married has the strength and stamina of a hungry UFC fighter. During this time she wants things a certain way and if they don't go her way, hell's fury will rain down."

    Source: Toulouse and Tonic, via Australia News Online
    Photo: iStockphoto 


  • BABY SHOWERS 3 of 6
    Baby Showers

    "One of the biggest whips there is. Nothing like going to a party (usually scheduled during a much-anticipated sporting event) with a bunch of people you don't know, giving you a bunch of stuff you couldn't care less about, and NO ALCOHOL to make it all better. Brutal."

    Source: Toulouse and Tonic, via Australia News Online
    Photo: iStockphoto 

  • BOOBS 4 of 6
    Pregnancy Boobs

    "The good news - this is the coolest thing about a woman's pregnancy - you get a free preview of what a boob job would look like on your wife. The bad news - you can look but don't touch. Why must God make them so sore at the same time he made them so big?"

    Source: Toulouse and Tonic, via Australia News Online
    Photo: iStockphoto

    Pregnancy Moods

    "Don't make the mistake of even responding when your wife complains about her body during this period. Just act like you don't hear it. Any "compliment" you can provide her to make her feel better will be taken out of context and placed in the same category as a quote from Bin Laden. "

    Source: Toulouse and Tonic, via Australian News Online
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • SEX 6 of 6
    Pregnancy Sex

    "We love you very much but contrary to what everyone says there truly is something creepy about doing that whole 'thing' with your sweet, precious, unborn infant just a few inches from the nasty probe that caused this whole mess."

    Source: Toulouse and Tonic, via Australian News Today
    Photo: iStockphoto

Read what else this dad has to say about it here on Australian News Online!
And be sure to check out the original article posted on Toulouse and Tonic!

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