One of the Most Creative Weekly Pregnancy Trackers Ever!

My complete lack of artistic ability is high on the list of things you should know about me. I can draw one step above stick figures, but more times than not, my drawings need a label just so you know what you’re looking at. To my credit, my handwriting is legible and I can write in cursive with both hands, but my list of artistic talents ends there, and pretty much only gets me one step above your average 3rd grader.

Given this lack of creativity and my complete lack of a memory during pregnancy, our weekly pregnancy/baby bump tracking has been done pretty much exclusively via iPhone self-portraits in my bathroom mirror. I have a nice camera, but I cannot seem to remember to ask my husband to take pictures with it each week. I think we succeeded at the nice pictures for maybe 3 weeks, and that was long before there was any baby bump to record.

Which is why when someone linked me to these creative weekly pregnancy updates, I had to share. There are even more pictures on Jessica’s website, Little Baby Garvin, but these are my 10 favorites from her amazingly creative and adorably artistic weekly pregnancy pictures.

  • 11 Weeks 1 of 10
    11 Weeks
    I can barely tell you how badly this makes me want a Margarita. I'm only a little bummed they didn't do a drawing for week 4 when the baby is the size of a poppyseed.
  • 13 Weeks 2 of 10
    13 Weeks
    What a nice way to commemorate entering the prettiest of all the trimesters! And that your baby is now the size of a small piece of fruit!
  • 16 Weeks 3 of 10
    16 Weeks
    I bet my family would've loved a picture like this to disclose the sex of the baby. Instead, they got a text message with a picture of his face and a note that we would not be needing hair bows.
  • 19 Weeks 4 of 10
    19 Weeks
    This one is one of my favorites. Except for me it would have to say that the baby is now the size of two cinnamon rolls smushed together. Although, I'm pretty sure I had already consumed all the cinnamon rolls in the world.
  • 22 Weeks 5 of 10
    22 Weeks
    The only thing that could make this week better would be if she had included a 1 pound box of chocolates. I mean, for scale and stuff.
  • 27 Weeks 6 of 10
    27 Weeks
    As I write this at 27 weeks, all I can say is yes. Stuffed turkey is probably the best way to describe it. Although, I have a feeling in a few weeks I'm going to need to come up with something bigger than a turkey to explain this feeling.
  • 28 Weeks 7 of 10
    28 Weeks
    I love this picture because it's a nice way to ensure that she won't ever forget her must-have foods during pregnancy. Though I can't help but notice the glaring omissions of lemonade, cinnamon rolls and citrus.
  • 31 Weeks 8 of 10
    31 Weeks
    I'm sure that there were some pictures taken at Christmas besides this one, but this is such a lovely way to remember pregnancy during the holidays. And maybe it's just me, but family pictures at the holidays never turn out half as good as this picture.
  • 33 Weeks 9 of 10
    33 Weeks
    I've always wondered- when they say pineapple, are they including the stem? Also, I never want to picture my baby having that many sharp edges. Gah.
  • 36 Weeks 10 of 10
    36 Weeks
    A good reminder of how they came up with all those watermelon smuggling jokes. But I can't help but wonder, what comes after watermelon? I don't think there's a fruit any bigger!


All photos shared with permission from Jessica.

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