One Woman Nails It: Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Breastfeed in Public (VIDEO)

Why You Shouldn't be Embarrassed to Breastfeed

I don’t think there is a single thing wrong or offensive about breastfeeding in public, and I’m always baffled by people who sexual breastfeeding.

But she’s exposing her boobs!

No, asshat, she’s feeding her baby. It’s totally natural.

There’s a pretty big divide between those who support public breastfeeding and those who think women should hide behind closed doors to do it. Like so many mommy-war topics, both sides sling insults at the other.

You can imagine how refreshing it was for me to discover this awesome spoken-word video on a friend’s Facebook page. No insults to formula-feeding moms. No insults to women who don’t breastfeed in public. Just one awesome mom’s kick-ass poetry about coming to terms with her own embarrassment and why she no longer hides in restrooms to breastfeed.

My favorite lines?

“For God sake, Jesus drank it.
So did Sir Arthur, Mohammad, and Moses …
and I’m sure they weren’t doing it sniffing piss
as their mothers sat embarrassed on cold toilet lids
in a country of billboards covered in tits.”

Amen, sister!

Watch the whole video to see why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to breastfeed in public. And get ready to clap.

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Video: Hollie McNish via YouTube

Original Photo: iStockphoto

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