Operation "Mini-IVF Cycle" is a Go!

Say "Yes" to Low-Dose IVF

When I set out on this baby-making journey, I had no idea what I was getting into. And when I decided to share all the unknowns and the countless learning experiences with strangers on the InterWebs, some people questioned what I was doing.

“Don’t you want to keep all that personal stuff to yourself?”

“What if obstacles arise — what if something goes wrong — are you going to be OK sharing that with the world?”

But the truth is that I have learned more and gained so much from my readers than I ever could have imagined. When I was having trouble with all the hormones I had to take, a reader suggested I talk to my doctor about a “mini-IVF cycle” (also known as a low-dose IVF cycle). That’s just what I did today, and it has made a world of difference.

At my appointment today, I spoke to my doctor about my concerns with and side effects of Lupron. I told him of the 11-day period Lupron gave me, and of my hot flashes, nightmares, and overall edginess — all of which stemmed from taking the synthetic hormone. I told him that I recently became aware of something called a low-dose IVF cycle. And he was immediately responsive.

I was thrilled.

He said that, yes, we could reduce the amount of hormones and drugs I would have to take in July. That, yes, because I don’t necessarily suffer from any fertility issues nor do I have “poor quality” eggs, I could very well have a successful IVF cycle by producing three to four eggs. Not only does reducing the levels of hormones I have to inject myself with put my mind at a little bit more ease, but so does the fact that I’ll have fewer fertilized eggs. After all, what am I supposed to do with this surplus of fertilized eggs? What happens to them?

When I first thought of creating my blog, Two Moms Make a Right, I did so because there was such a lack of information out there about this type of journey. I wanted to know the personal stories of others going through this. I wanted to know what obstacles they faced. What went wrong. What went right.

Since the beginning, I have received some amazing encouragement and support, especially during some bumps in the road. And I’m so grateful for the advice I’ve gotten from readers. Without your help, without hearing your stories, I would be even more in the dark than I was when I began this journey. So as much as I thought my “going public” with our story would be beneficial for others, it turns out that I’m the lucky one.


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