Orange Juice – I Am So Over You … Still

I used to have a serious love affair with the tangy-sweet orange fruit. Specifically, the juice you could buy in those huge family jugs — pulp-free, but oh, so good. It was a serious love affair that consumed me for just over 9 months and began shortly after I found out I was pregnant.

It was my first pregnancy, just over 6 years ago and while I was expecting to have some cravings, I had no idea how strong and very specific those cravings would be. I welcomed the cravings as a sign that my body knew what it was doing and to be honest, the orange juice was the only thing that took away the unrelenting “morning” sickness that left me wondering how I would survive the whole pregnancy.

It was an affair that lasted the entire pregnancy. I was never really an orange juice drinker before egg-met-sperm, but I was drinking it by the gallons (well, litres because I am Canadian) and would drink those huge 5L (1.3 gallons) jugs every 2 days. I had water bottles filled with it at my bedside and it was all I wanted.

I was shocked by it — the strong desire for it and that I could tell the difference between brands and would ONLY be happy with the brand that I wanted. It was of course, one of the more expensive options. I would send my husband out at 3 in the morning if I had run out (though after time we became very well stocked so that didn’t happen).

I swear it, the moment my boy Speed came out of my body it was over. My love affair with the citrus fruit no longer interested me. I┬ádistinctively┬áremember the first time I drank it again after birth (maybe a month after) and it was so sour I couldn’t believe it. It was over for me and I never really drink it any more (other than the occasional breakfast meal and of course my mimosa!).

While I have gone on to have other pregnancies and they each had their own accompanying cravings, nothing was ever as strong as the love I (temporarily) had for orange juice.

:: Do you still consume the pregnancy craving that all-consumed you? ::


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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