OUCH! My Vagina! Mom Gives Birth to 14 Pound Baby!

Nine pound… Ten pounds… never really phased me when it came to hearing about birth stories. The women I have always talked to who have birthed these big babies did so without any hitches, so I never thought of it as much of a big deal.

Until I heard the story of a California mother who gave birth to a 14 pound 3.6 ounce baby boy last week.  Instantly I dropped to my knees as if someone just kicked me directly in the vagina, just with the thought of having to birth a baby that big.

Emily Maldanado gave birth to Matthew Anthony Maldanado at the Natividad Medical Center in California last week.  Although Matthew was born via cesarean section, it still makes me ache for his mother.   I was miserable carrying a 5 pound 12 ounce petite little girl in the third trimester, I can only imagine carrying around a teenager in my uterus!

According to the local Fox News affiliate:

Matthew’s father, Jose, had been told his son would be big but he didn’t expect him to be that big.

“They took him out, and the doctor started saying, ‘Damn,’ so they put him on the scale,” Emily Maldonado said.

The World Record for the biggest baby currently goes to a Canadian born baby boy who weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces in 1879 according to the Guinness Book of World Records.   Double OUCH!

Congratulations to the Maldanado family on their new addition!   Time to start returning those newborn clothes!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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