2nd IVF Cycle = SUCCESS

It’s true! Our second round of IVF was a success! And I. AM. PREGNANT. While I’m not totally sure this news has sunk in, I have been beaming with joy since we found out three days ago. How exactly did the “finding out” go for us? I was hoping you’d ask that…

To be honest, after our first IVF cycle failed, I went to my pregnancy test this past Friday with a slightly different attitude. Sure, I was excited and hopeful. But my heart was a bit more guarded this time around. Whereas last time I was preparing myself for “the good news,” this time I was prepping for “the bad news.”

Obviously, that’s not to say I was hoping for a negative test result. More so just that I was ready for one.

Sara and I had planned to meet for lunch and call the fertility center to get our news. It was actually a rather absent-minded plan, because when we pulled up to our favorite lunch spot, I realized there was no way I could make this call from their outside seating area.

I mean, if the test was negative, I was going to cry. And I certainly didn’t want to do that in front of a bunch of strangers eating their lunches. If the test was positive, I was going to scream. And I certainly didn’t want to do that in front of a bunch of strangers eating their lunches.

Clearly, our plan was flawed.

So Sara and I called from the car. Not exactly where we thought we’d hear the news that would change our lives forever. But, hey, we roll with the punches.

The fertility center was expecting our call. Normally, they call us. But Sara and I wanted to find out together, which is why we met for lunch and planned to call them.

“Hi, is Greta available? This is Aela. She’s expecting my call.”

The receptionist puts us on hold. We listen to a few seconds of mood-soothing music.

“Hi Aela. Is Sara with you?”

“She is, Greta. I have you on speaker phone. She’s right next to me.”

I clinch Sara’s hand. Suddenly, my heart is pounding. I can’t believe this is the moment. Again.

“Well, I have nothing but good news for you ladies today,” Great says. Through her words, we can hear her smile.

Sara and I look at each other with growing-big eyes. We want to hear it. We want to hear, “You’re pregnant!” We’re both absorbing Greta’s words and I think we understand them. But we’ve been made so dumb by the excitement and anticipation and nervousness that we need Greta to Spell. It. Out. for us.

“Really? Good news?”

“Yes, honey, you’re pregnant!”

I Ahhhhhhh!!!-ed. Sara WooooHooooo!!!-ed. And our hands went flying into the air.

And Greta giggled.

After the commotion settled a bit, Greta told me “my numbers” were “strong.”


Naturally, I had no idea what she was talking about. This was the technical aspect of how they knew I was pregnant. All I needed to know was that I am pregnant.


We got off the phone with Greta, said something to each other along the lines of “Holy sh*t, this is freaking AMAZING! I love you so much!!!! WE’RE GONNA BE MOMS!!!” Truth be told, I don’t recall which of us said what. There was just so much excitement and joy.

Since our journey has been public, we promised our family and closest friends that we’d notify them as soon as we knew just to put their minds at ease that they wouldn’t need to be checking my blog or Facebook for the news.

I called my mom, my dad, my brothers, and my best friend. I sent out this text to half a dozen other friends: I’m pregnant < 3 Sara phoned her brother and sister-in-law in Virginia, and had the pleasure of telling her twin and nephew in person that afternoon. And then, naturally, we blew it up on Facebook. So many people have warned against telling people until after the 12-week "safety" period is over. But I'm all about fueling this pregnancy with prayers and positive energy. And God forbid something should happen, I will fuel that experience with prayers and good energy too. That's just how we roll. Today, I had my numbers checked again. Still strong and growing: 737. Whatever that even means. I'm trying not to put too much into the technicalities of this pregnancy. I'm pregnant. Let's keep it like that. That's my focus. Next Monday, I go for my first ultrasound. And the week after that, we'll find out if I've got one OR TWO little bambinos growing inside of me! The idea of twins wholeheartedly freaks me out. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just in a HOLY-WOW way. But just like I keep telling people: If that’s our story, that’s our story. And we’ll live it.

The response we’ve gotten has been unlike anything I can even describe. Never has my life been filled with so much joy and love. Messages and phone calls and well wishes galore. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe any of it is real.

And it’s only just begun.



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