Our Favorite Guy, Our Favorite Man

It has been my distinct pleasure to watch the man I married become a father. Two years ago, we celebrated his first Father’s Day with Zinashi halfway around the globe. This Sunday, we celebrate his third Father’s Day with his second daughter halfway around the globe. Seeing Jarod anticipate the arrival of his children is a treat, and even better is watching him love his daughter in the flesh. These past two years have been amazing, and I cannot wait to see him connect with Elvie and forge his own special bond with her.

This past week, Jarod has had to stay downtown for work, and when Zinashi realized the first evening that he wouldn’t be coming home with us to sleep, she starting wailing. From downtown to our neighborhood, the entire train heard about her undying love for the man she calls Ababi. “I need Ababi, my favorite guy!” she cried, “Ababi, my favorite man!” In honor of our Ababi, our favorite guy, our favorite man, I’ve collected my favorite photos of him and Zinashi from his very first day as a father to today.

  • First Day as Her Ababi 1 of 15
    First Day as Her Ababi
    Zinashi was shy, but Jarod got her comfortable enough to offer a small smile, even though she'd only been with us for an hour.
  • First Nap Together 2 of 15
    First Nap Together
    When Zinashi realized that she would be sleeping in the big bed between us, she turned her head to look at each of us and beamed. She still loves waking up next to her Ababi.
  • Relaxing Into His Role 3 of 15
    Relaxing Into His Role
    We'd been Zinashi's parents for a week, and Jarod was clearly relaxing and enjoying fatherhood.
  • Decorating Zinashi’s First Christmas Tree 4 of 15
    Decorating Zinashi's First Christmas Tree
    He was so patient with her as she figured out how to hang ornaments, and she was so proud of the result.
  • Hams in an Airport 5 of 15
    Hams in an Airport
    At the start of our first family vacation, we were all super excited. Jarod got Zinashi pumped up for the big plane ride.
  • The Faceoff 6 of 15
    The Faceoff
    Who can hold a goofy face the longest? It's a draw every time.
  • Teaching Zinashi to Play the Trombone 7 of 15
    Teaching Zinashi to Play the Trombone
    Zinashi gets really excited about instruments, and Jarod knows how to play quite a few. He dusted off his old trombone and let her give it a whirl, patiently showing her how it worked and answering her many questions.
  • Sleeping In is What They Do Best 8 of 15
    Sleeping In is What They Do Best
    We really like co-sleeping at our house, and Zinashi is so excited when it's a weekend and Jarod isn't awake before she is.
  • A Bike Ride on the Beach 9 of 15
    A Bike Ride on the Beach
    Jarod is infinitely patient with Zinashi's bike riding skills.
  • Eating Injera Together 10 of 15
    Eating Injera Together
    Injera is Ethiopian food, and it is a comfort for Zinashi to eat it. Eating together is culturally important, and from the very beginning, Jarod was willing to share a spicy meal with Zinashi whenever she so desired.
  • So Happy When Her Ababi Comes Home 11 of 15
    So Happy When Her Ababi Comes Home
    Zinashi looks forward to her Ababi walking though the door each evening. She truly misses him throughout the day and can't wait to be close to him at dinnertime.
  • Partners in Crime 12 of 15
    Partners in Crime
    Whatever they do together, they look awesome doing it.
  • After Dinner Conversation With the Queen 13 of 15
    After Dinner Conversation With the Queen
    Zinashi loves to dress up, and Jarod is always game for accommodating whatever outfit she's put on. Here he is taking her role as queen very seriously.
  • Cuties 14 of 15
    He can always get her to smile for a self-portrait of the two of them. I do not have the same luck.
  • So Happy Together 15 of 15
    So Happy Together
    They love each other so much, and everyone can tell. Having Jarod as the Ababi of our family is an amazing gift, and we are so happy to celebrate him this weekend.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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