Our Top 10 Boy Names with Meanings and Origins

Sam and I took a long time to decide on this little guy’s name. Long to us anyway – with Bella we knew almost immediately. The twins only took a few days to decide – mostly it was middle names that took the longest.

This time around we talked it over for about five weeks after finding out that we’re having a boy. We used four of our favorite boy names for Preston and Julian so coming up with two more wasn’t an easy task.

I’m one of those people where a name that I love can be ruined for life if it’s attached to the wrong person. Made fun of me in 6th grade for glasses? Your name is now associated with pure evil. That narrowed it down even more.

Then Sam and I couldn’t agree. I wanted something super old fashioned and unique. He didn’t know what he wanted, but described it as “manly.” Which couldn’t be defined. Obviously. Men. Finally after weeks of asking him to seriously sit down and talk about a few names, we narrowed it down to our 10 favorites and then crossed off from there. I absolutely love our choices; he picked the first name and I picked the middle. We aren’t sharing (yet!), but you might be able to guess what we chose as you scroll through.

Click through to see our choices – and let me know if you have any kids named the same!

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    Our Top 10 Boy Names with Meanings and Origins

    Click through to see our top ten choices for the new baby, along with where the names came from and what they mean. 

  • Jack 2 of 11

    Origin of Jack: English

    Meaning of Jack: "God is gracious"

    It's such a simple, hearty name. Not one of my very favorites, but something I could see as a middle. 

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  • Cooper 3 of 11

    Origin of Cooper: English 

    Meaning of Cooper: "barrel maker"

    I really liked this name because it was something I hadn't heard often. You know it, but you can't recall anyone with it. It also goes nicely with almost anything we wanted as a middle name. 

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  • Alexander 4 of 11

    Origin of Alexander: Greek

    Meaning of Alexander: "defending men"

    We both really liked this name, and it's the middle name of my little brother as well. It was one of our top 5 as we narrowed down. 

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  • Samuel 5 of 11

    Origin of Samuel: Hebrew

    Meaning of Samuel: "told by God"

    My husband, his grandfather, and my brother's name. I adore the meaning (it's also "asked of God") but Sam wasn't sure he wanted our son to have his name, and I felt the same. We had so many in the family it didn't seem very special to add another. 

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  • Kaden 6 of 11

    Origin of Kaden: American

    Meaning of Kaden: "fighter"

    We went back and forth on this name and the other close to it (click through to see the other). I like the spelling and meaning. Sam and I both liked how it was more on the unusual side. 

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  • Bradley 7 of 11

    Origin of Bradley: English

    Meaning of Bradley: "wide meadow"

    I just love the name Bradley. Probably has to do with picturing Bradley Cooper any time I hear it. Sam wasn't so sure though (no, we did not discuss my man crush) - he hesitated because Brad is so common. 

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  • Isaiah 8 of 11

    Origin of Isaiah: Hebrew

    Meaning of Isaiah: "Salvation of the Lord"

    I have to say, this is my favorite name of them all. I've clung to a lot of verses in the book of Isaiah about fear and anxiety throughout this pregnancy, so it held a really special meaning for me. 

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  • Joel 9 of 11

    Origin of Joel: Hebrew

    Meaning of Joel: "Jehovah is the Lord"

    This name reminds me of darling Joel from Jon and Kate plus 8. Yep, I watched that show until they imploded. Those kids are darling, the name itself was so simple and easy. 

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  • Walter 10 of 11

    Origin of Walter: German

    Meaning of Walter: "army ruler"

    I've always, always wanted a son to name Walter. Strictly because growing up, I adored Anne of Green Gables and that's what she named her son. Who ended up going to war and dying a heroic death. 

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  • Caden 11 of 11

    Origin of Caden: Welsh

    Meaning of Caden: "spirit of battle"

    Sam's favorite. He loved the meaning, loved that it was fairly uncommon. It grew on me, but at first I wasn't really sure if I liked it much. I have to say I do like how it's spelled, odd as that might seem.. 

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