The Twin Gender Reveal and Ultrasound Story

Today was our big ultrasound! First things first – my nerves were about to explode wanting to make sure the twins were healthy and on track. Even if we never got to see anything else, that would have been enough for me.

I was trying to focus on other things to take my mind off all the risks we had been told last time (hello MASSIVELY high blood pressure after) but it was still there. Were they ok?

And they were. Two perfect little babies measuring right on track, within 1% of each other for size. We saw their hearts and hands, feet and faces; I can’t explain how it feels to go in there and know almost instantly that everything is still ok with them.

Then the tech asked if we wanted to know what they were. “I can definitely tell,” she laughed. “I can also tell you this – they are identical.”

So the babies are mono-di, which means two separate sacs but a shared placenta. For identicals, this is the most common kind.

Knowing this, I understood when we found out what B was (who she measured first) we’d also instantly know A. So she waved around, getting a clean shot (I had a feeling B was a boy from 13 weeks on but that’s just intuition, not anything scientific) and there they were.

Boy parts. 🙂

I was thrilled. Sam and I squeezed each others hands and waited for her to give us full confirmation of A, although there wasn’t much over thinking to do about it!

“And,” she said pointing the arrow, “A is a boy as well.” Sure enough, A is a boy.

We are having identical twin boys!! Bella will get to have two little brothers to boss around, mother, and roughhouse with.

The tech showed us the thin membrane between the two; how they can kick and hit, push and bump into one another. We saw A fall asleep on B’s back and B was in nearly every shot of A. Camera hog. The membrane is like Saran Wrap, so thin and pliable it bends and moves to their slightest touch. It was a really special experience to watch them interact already. Amazing how this all works.

We are so excited and so relieved that everything looks good. Identicals sharing a placenta do put me at a higher risk so now my ultrasounds will be every 2 week instead of 4, but they want constant monitoring to catch anything that might happen early on. I was pleased with my MFM and the time she took with us, with our awesome tech, and I see my actual Dr next week.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and well wishes! We are continuing to look to all the positives as the weeks go on, and so very thankful for getting this far.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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