Pack Your Own Hospital Gown and Make it Pretty

hospital gownOne thing I loved about my birthing center was that I could wear whatever I wanted during labor and delivery, and now more and more hospitals are also letting pregnant women opt to wear something a little more comfortable (and stylish, perhaps?) than a standard hospital gown.

Now we know that vanity completely and utterly goes out the window during childbirth, but why not up your comfort level if you can? And maybe have less cringe-worthy photos?

While they now make maternity gowns that climb over the $100 mark, we find that to be quite ridiculous (for obvious reasons). While I was able to leave the birthing center with my gown-of-choice in tact, there’s a pretty good chance you might end up with some stains.

So if you’re looking for a pretty hospital gown to pack in your bag without paying too much, these are our absolute favorite:

maternity wear

Pretty Pushers Delivery Gowns give you the same mobility and convenience of traditional hospital gowns but in a much prettier package. And if not for the style, wouldn’t you rather wear your own super soft cotton outfit than a thin gown that’s been worn by a billion other people? And instead of spending the usual $70+, these delivery gowns are $24.

Plus, each one is screen-printed with a formerly forbidden indulgence: Sushi (above), coffee and Mai Tais. They even come with a matching headband.

hospital delivery gown

The front ties make it compatible with any type of monitoring, and the low-cut back makes it easy for an epidural.

hospital gown

They also sell an organic gown (above), but at a higher $44 price tag.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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