8 Ways to Pamper Your Pregnant Wife

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On her back, on her side, some strange position in-between… Over the course of the pregnancy it may become increasingly difficult for her to find a comfortable sleeping position. Buy an anthology of stories or poems, and read her something each night before bed. It will distract her from being uncomfortable and prepare you for becoming a nightly storyteller.
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Buy her a good (i.e. not generic!) professional shampoo and conditioner. Wait until she steps into the shower, then join her. Shampoo her hair for her, making sure to include a long, luxurious temple massage. If you're not confident in your technique, get a massage with your next haircut and pay close attention. Your wife will be the beneficiary of your newfound skills.
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Wait until she's out one afternoon, and give the house a serious once-over. This doesn't mean sweeping dirt into corner piles or wiping tables using the helicopter method you learned at camp. It means vacuuming along the edges, scouring the oven and, yes, mopping the floors. If you think this amounts to pampering the house instead of her, watch the reaction on her face. Just watch…
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Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides. Many find it more comfortable while in this position to hold a pillow against their stomachs. Go out and buy her a nice down-filled pillow. Write "Pregnancy Sleep Aid" on the package, and leave it on the bed for her to find. Just understand that you'll have farther to reach in the spoon position.
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Since confirming the great news, your wife may have talked to her doctor and adopted a regular exercise routine such as yoga. Take a day off from blasting your pecs and abs to join one of her classes. Don't worry that you suddenly feel less coordinated than a baby calf. Her happiness during pregnancy is largely a matter of simple togetherness. The more ways you can share the experience with her, the better.
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Write her a short love note—a list of your 20 favorite things about her or a passage about how watching her sleep is like bluffing on a pair of 10s—joyful beyond words. Mail the letter to your own address. Simple—but it's a surefire winner.
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A manicure, that is. A manicure in itself isn't overly creative. In fact, it's one of the more reliable components of any husband's pregnancy cheer program. But she'll enjoy hers twice as much if you get one too. First, she'll appreciate that you're taking care of your hands, since most men consider rough, callused hands badges of honor. Second, women love it when their husbands are secure enough to enjoy doing girl stuff.
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Not a wizard in the kitchen? Your meal can be simple—just add candlelight. And just because she's off alcohol doesn't mean you can't substitute in creative ways. Save three empty wine bottles. Fill one with water, another with Perrier, and the third with grape juice. Then ask if she'd like the house white, red, or sparkling. Then toast the new addition soon to arrive. Cheers!
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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