10 Types of People Pregnant Women Should Avoid


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    1: The Know It All

    The Know It All You know that friend, she knows everything about anything including pregnancy. Didn't you know she moonlights as an OB/GYN? She will give you advice whether you ask for it or not, and if you try and tell her she is wrong she just won't hear it. This person will only make you feel even more out of control of your body and confused. Trust your gut and steer clear.

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    2: The Story Teller

    The Story Teller We all know one — she picks the most nightmarish tales of episiotomies gone wrong, vaginal ripping, and 42-hour labors, not realizing she is scaring the enema right out of you. Remind her politely that you don't need to hear these tall tales, and that in fact, your doctor told you to avoid stress as a result of bad storytelling — it’s bad for the baby and all.

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    3: The Over-sharer

    The Over-sharer This is the mom who shares every hemorrhoid and post-partum gem on Facebook, Twitter, and just about everywhere. When you can’t sleep at 2 a.m., these are the not the status updates you need to read. Just get through today and hide her on your feed until you’re less afraid of this whole giving birth thing.

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    4: The Single White Female

    The Single White Female No, not the stalker from the movie, but the single friend who has no kids and no experience with them. Her advice and comments in most cases are less than helpful, so skip the conversations on pregnancy and parenting with her, and stick to fashion or gossip about the girls you went to high school with.

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    5: The Bitter Mom

    The Bitter Mom We all know one — she is pissed she has kids, pissed they ruined her perfect size-3 body, and pissed that she is stuck in the house raising them while her partner is out working and “living it up.” Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. There are a few times in your life when what you're doing is so precious that you literally cannot handle someone else's bad outcome. Let her do her own thing until your life is more stable.

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    6: The Clueless Father

    The Clueless Father You can pick him out of a crowd a mile away. He is the new dad that confuses ultrasounds with amnios and couldn't figure out how to strap a baby into the car seat if his life depended on it. The thing about a newbie father is that he doesn't seem like a full partner yet, because he rarely is, even if he wants to be. It seems like he both knows too little and talks too much, which just isn't helpful, no matter how well-intentioned.

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    7: The Judge

    The Judge“Wow! You are pregnant...again?” You know who they are — sometimes they’re family members, sometimes friends, but they’re always passing some kind of veiled judgment your way. You will encounter enough negativity in day-to-day life, so skip any added crap, or give it right back to them with snarky one-liners such as: "Yup, we just love having sex!”

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    8: The High-Risk Mom

    The High-Risk Mom It seems like there are a lot of high-risk pregnancy patients out there today, and if you are not high-risk yourself their tales of prenatal appointments and bed rest may send you over the edge. Support your friend — it’s not her fault she’s the embodiment of all your fears — but allow yourself to tune out during some of her tales of woe to prevent yourself from becoming a clinical hypochondriac.

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    9: The Out of Touch Professional

    The Out of Touch Professional We all have a friend who works in some sort of medical facility, but just because these women work with doctors and nurses (or are doctors and nurses) doesn’t mean they’re experts in labor and delivery, unless of course, they work in labor and delivery. So, don’t trust everyone’s advice — it falls under the “everyone is an expert” umbrella — except your doctor’s or midwife’s.

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    10: The Carefree Preggo

    The Carefree Preggo You know, the one who opts out of ultrasounds, doesn’t take prenatal vitamins, and doesn’t really have any kind of plan post-birth. Unless you are carefree, stay away from the carefree — they’re not always the most educated in the ways of birth. It's good to be relaxed, but being too relaxed can be a form of denial. Is she having a baby? Nope, she's just growing larger. To each her own, but you need someone to relate to.

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