Peyton Manning and Wife Join the Multiples Club

Peyton's a papa.

Peyton Manning and I have always had something in common. We both love University of Tennessee football. (Go Vols!) Now it seems as if we’ve got yet another thing that we share. No, unlike Caroline, Peyton’s wife is not pregnant. But she was. And the result of that pregnancy has given Peyton and me yet another thing in common.

For he’s now the father of multiples. Manning’s wife, Ashely, gave birth to twins on March 31. Good thing the NFL quarterback is used to calling audibles, because, as anyone with multiples will tell you, once you have multiples, nothing else goes as planned.

The couple was awfully hush-hush about the whole deal. Despite multiple reports of the double bundle of joy, Ashley refused to confirm the birth of the twins in an email to theĀ Indianapolis Star. “We value our privacy and would appreciate you not putting this in the paper or online.”

Fair enough, but that didn’t stop the Star from bringing up the report from the The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown paper of Peyton’s mom, Olivia. Two days ago, in a column called Just Among Friends, the following was written:

“Exciting news from the NFL, times two! Peyton and Ashley Manning are the parents of twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, a little football player and a cheerleader, born March 31, 2011, in Indianapolis, Ind. They are being welcomed by their cousin, Ava Frances Manning, born March 21, 2011, to Eli and Abby Manning.”

The source was a Manning family member. Given the grind that the Mannings are about to go through, I sure hope that Manning family member is willing to help out. Because Peyton and Ashley are gonna need all the help they can get.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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