Phil&Teds: The Great Stroller Co. ($650 Navigator Buggy Giveaway on cupcakeMAG!)

Woo-hoo! It’s almost Friday. And double woo-hoo because it’s the third day for my celebrating the end of my pregnancy with awesome giveaways. Today, it’s one of my personal faves, phil + teds. 

Let me introduce you to the navigator buggy. The navigator buggy ($499.99)  is one of the latest and greatest strollers on the market from phil + teds. It’s the “go everywhere inline.” It’s a fully loaded stroller with everything that the perfect stroller must-have. Offering a sleep ideal one hand recline DK, oh-so-pretty colors (Big fan of the sky option!), and many options for liners, you can finally customize your own stroller. And let’s talk about the luxurious, matte, and soft finished fabric. Hello, pretty. Well, let me let you take a peek at the navigator stroller yourself.

After the jump, take a browse through the many reasons I love this stroller.

  • Look at ME! 1 of 7
    Look at ME!
    Absolutely my fave new feature about this stroller? Face-to-Face, rear facing seat. LOVE. Who doesn't want to stare at their Little? I am thrilled Phil and Teds finally gave us this option.
  • Room for Two, Many Ways 2 of 7
    Room for Two, Many Ways
    Don't let it fool you. It can adapt to take 2, from newborn to 2 years of age with its inline adaptability. This is a must for me. I always must have a double stroller with me. With the navigator double kit {$149.99} you are able to have one stroller for loads of years, well until age 5 to be exact. It's a well worth it investment.
  • Smooth Ride Always 3 of 7
    Smooth Ride Always
    The on an off road dependability is pretty amazing. It almost works as well as your high-end jogging stroller off road yet is smooth sailing on the sidewalk.
  • Comfy and Cozy 4 of 7
    Comfy and Cozy
    My Littles adore how comfy this stroller is, complete with the seat liner in many options. The contoured, ventilated main seat is one they are always fighting over. Yes, it's that comfy. And a little something new this time around for Phil and Teds lovers? Tail-free, easy-adjust harness with the additional "tuck away" strap. So awesome!
  • Warning! 5 of 7
    Disclaimer: You may become a stroller snob at the park. It's just oh-so-pretty and chic, other Moms may give you the evil eye as you stroll into the park. The stylish design and mix and match color possibilities make it just, fabulous. Yes, I am talking about a stroller. I mean honestly, it's kind of a major accessory.
  • Little Details, Big Difference 6 of 7
    Little Details, Big Difference
    The one hand recline on the double kit makes life so much easy and the one hand fast fold on the stroller, well - amazing. No more struggling in the parking lot! It's easy to shut this baby down; just say 1, 2, 3. Presto!
  • Hello Sun! 7 of 7
    Hello Sun!
    Goodbye getting in my eyes. The large, follow-the-sun sun hood with flip-out sun visor is one-of-a-kind. Just another reason why the navigator stroller is in a class of it's own.

Giveaway Alert: Head over to cupcakeMAG Littles to enter to win this ah-mazing stroller plus a chance to win another very awesome phil + teds stroller. Yep, two chances for you!

If you can’t wait to win it, I understand. That’s why it’s okay to just go ahead and buy it now. 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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