Photographing Pregnancy Beyond the Profile Belly Shot

When I was pregnant with my first son I did the typical week-by-week pregnancy progression shots. One from the side and one from the front—always in the same spot in front of the door to his nursery. While they are fun to look at and neat to use as a comparison to just how much my belly had grown over the nine month period, they weren’t exactly the most dynamic photos ever.

Interestingly enough and for much different reasons, I have not taken the same week-by-week progression photos with this pregnancy.

It is primarily because a part of me was having a hard time believing this pregnancy would go to term. I couldn’t bear to have that physical evidence of growth sitting on my hard drive if I wouldn’t make it the entire nine months. But I think another part of my just wasn’t as interested this time in doing the traditional progress photos every week. I’ve done a few but for the most part the photos I’ve taken have not been your traditional shots.

Looking back on the photos I’ve taken so far this pregnancy and the ones that ended up being my favorite shots from my first pregnancy, very few of the traditional profile progression shots made the cut. As a matter of fact, I think just one made it into my top eleven and even that one isn’t quite what I would call typical.

Take a look at what did make the cut after the jump.

  • My Husband & I Comparing Our Bellies 1 of 11
    My Husband & I Comparing Our Bellies
    When my husband wanted to get a shot of his belly I couldn't help but oblige!
  • Happy Halloween! 2 of 11
    Happy Halloween!
    The only belly painting I did while pregnant.
  • Belly Hugs 3 of 11
    Belly Hugs
    Shot from above there is just something I absolutely LOVE about this shot.
  • I Heart Pregnancy 4 of 11
    I Heart Pregnancy
    Not a unique concept but one of my favorites.
  • Baby Monster! 5 of 11
    Baby Monster!
    I feel like a giant coming to get you in this shot. It makes me laugh every time I see it.
  • We Are Going to Be Parents! 6 of 11
    We Are Going to Be Parents!
    I didn't see the look on my husband's face until after the shot was taken. It is one of my favorite shots ever.
  • Balloons & Cocktail Dresses 7 of 11
    Balloons & Cocktail Dresses
    Not really taken for the purpose of showing off my bump but I think it does a nice job of doing just that.
  • Big Brother 8 of 11
    Big Brother
    Another shot that wasn't taken just to show the baby bump but lovely nonetheless.
  • It’s a Boy! 9 of 11
    It's a Boy!
    How I told the world we were having another boy.
  • All About the Bump 10 of 11
    All About the Bump
    I don't cut my head off on purpose I swear!
  • My Boys 11 of 11
    My Boys
    My 4 year old and I feeling the baby move. This one is so special to me.

Do you document your pregnancy with photographs? What shots have been your favorite? I’d love it if you shared them in the comments.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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