I Am Pregnant And Craving Gasoline

gasoline pregnancy cravingThrough so much of this pregnancy, my nose was my enemy.

Opening the refrigerator door was a nightmare, and I found myself navigating a sea of nausea brought on by any number of common household or bodily odors. I am pretty sure that I could smell people’s pores.

Now that I have waddled into my 33rd week of pregnancy, and the morning sickness and sensitivity to smells have been replaced by aches and pains, I have noticed a new phenomenon.

I love, and I do mean love, the smell of gasoline.

I am also intoxicated by the smell of my husband after he’s been in the garage — it’s like he bathed in hazardous chemicals and exhaust fumes — what a turn on!

Yes, I am familiar with the eating disorder, Pica. I can remember my mom telling stories about her sister craving dirt when she was pregnant. I don’t really have any eating-related cravings, just the urge to sniff gasoline. It’s such a strong urge, though, I think maybe it’s more an urge to snort gasoline.

Trust me, I am aware that deep inhalation (and certainly consumption) of toxic chemicals is a pregnancy, and general no-no. I’m not controlled by my craving, but you know, a girl does need to fuel-up once in a while. I can say that I really look forward standing outside in the cold November air, enjoying those fleeting whiffs of gasoline that swirl in and out of my air space.

Why can’t I have a normal pregnancy craving? You know, a craving that I can actually act on, and receive some satisfaction? I would much rather crave pickles and ice cream.

Did you have any bizarre pregnancy cravings? What about pregnancy smell cravings? Tell me in the comments!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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