Picking Out The Right Mobile For Our Baby

The husband and I don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to the nursery decor – especially when it comes to the mobile.  Of course I’m attracted to cute mobiles that match the nursery decorations and he’s attracted to simple shapes and what might be more stimulating for our newborn.  How to you pick a mobile that’s appealing to you yet stimulating for the baby?

With so many mobiles on the market, it’s hard not to get blinded by the cuteness.  We’re looking to stimulate our little man’s sensory development but also don’t want a complete eyesore in the room.  Since we’re loosely planning our nursery around a woodland theme, so I’ve got it in my head that a mobile with colorful birds or bugs would be perfect.  My husband has very different thoughts.  He’s less concerned with looks or the cute factor and more concerned about what the baby will respond to best.  From what we’ve found so far, a stimulating mobile is one of the first activities a newborn can enjoy.  Certain mobiles are even great for soothing fussy babies and other mobiles provide endless visual entertainment.  However it seems that the more stimulating mobiles that include motion, music and high contract colors, aren’t the cutest and certainly aren’t easy on the wallet.

High-contrast colors, movement and shape are all important when picking a mobile.  Right now we really like this mobile with three black and white swallows.  I think it qualifies for stimulating our baby while keeping to a playful design but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  If you have a mobile in your baby’s room, why did you pick the one you did and what brought you to your conclusion?  What are some mobiles would you suggest?

{baby image from butterflyorb, mobile image from flensted}

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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