Pickles and Oreos: My Pregnancy Cravings

A shopping cart full with groceriesI’m just about 23 weeks pregnant and my midsection seems to be growing at an outrageous rate. I’m not just making that up. For the last two weeks friends, clients, and co-workers have all been like, “Woah, you really popped!”

I don’t even blanch when they say that because I know that they’re right. I’m getting big. And I’m hungry. If I forget to eat every few hours I get this  overwhelming urge through my whole body to FEED THE BELLY.

And sorry to be the walking, talking, writing stereotype of a pregnant lady, but WOW, do I have some distinct cravings lately.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket at 4:30 PM and when I got to the checkout line I realized I was super hungry and maybe I shouldn’t go shopping that close to dinner. My cart looked like it had been filled by a crazed, stoned lunatic. I didn’t even realize how weird my cravings had gotten until I paused to look at it all together.

My cart contained the following:

  • Pickles 1 of 9
    I know, I know, big shocker that the pregnant lady wants pickles. But I really love pickles right now, especially these cold, crisp ones. It's better than eating potato chips, right? I couldn't find them at the store yesterday and I basically accosted a teenage deli guy by yelling, "WHERE ARE THE DILL PICKLES??"
  • Cream Cheese 2 of 9
    Cream Cheese
    These were on massive sale yesterday and I couldn't decide between the two flavors, so I bought both. This morning I had a bagel that was half strawberry and half onion/chive. Even my 2 year-old looked grossed out and that kid eats off the floor.
  • Popcorn 3 of 9
    Popcorn is actually my favorite food EVER. I prefer it smothered in butter and parmesan cheeese, but I'm trying to cut back on the bad stuff right now. Instead I air-pop it and use a little butter and sprinkle it with brewer's yeast. Mmmmm.
  • Avocados 4 of 9
    I have nothing exciting to say about avocados except GUACAMOLE.
  • Kale 5 of 9
    Yet another salty craving and it's pretty cheap right now. The kids and I make kale chips to eat but I need some new ways to prepare it. Any suggestions?
  • Oreos 6 of 9
    I'm not proud, but sometimes I wash down that healthy kale with a few Oreos.
  • Pears 7 of 9
    OH MY GOD, why are pears so good right now?! I could eat million trillion of them.
  • Goldfish 8 of 9
    I can't help it. They're salty and crunchy and my kids are always eating them Again, better than potato chips, right??
  • Powerberries 9 of 9
    I have to trek to Trader Joe's for these but they are *so* worth it.

What were your craziest pregnancy cravings?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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