Pink, Blue, or Taboo

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Deep down inside, many mothers, especially when expecting their second, or even third child have a preference of which gender they would like their unborn child to be. Right along side of this trend I also see tons of women being tabooed for holding that preference.

But lets be honest. To some extent we all have preferences. Whether it is gender, hair color, eye color, which parents nose, future career or college… You get the point.

When it comes down to it though, we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty because of the personal preferences we may hold for our own children. It is mother’s instinct and intuition to dream, and hope for our youngsters.

I am the mother of two boys. Camden, and Benjamin. Camden will be turning three this winter, and Benjamin will be turning two right around the time we welcome our third child into the family. I love my boys to death, and I love everything about being a mother to boys. They are messy, hysterical, and one of a kind for sure. But this time around I find myself longing for a little girl.


There are no grand daughters in our family. I was the last girl born way back when. We all hoped for a girl last time around, and I am so glad we got a second boy. He fits perfectly in our family. But with that being said, this is our last chance for a girl. This is most likely our last child altogether.

I guess you could honestly say I would be disappointed if we had a third boy. Not because I wouldn’t love another boy. I could totally rock the phrase my three sons, and not have to worry about buying new clothes. But I would be disappointed because of the unknown.

What would it be like to have a little girl?
What would she look like?
Would she be a strong independent woman like her mother?
Would she be the first female Marine in our family?

All of those what ifs that would never be filled.

Not to mention my serious addiction to pink stuff.
Little girl dresses, pink baby bedding, hot pink headbands which I could match with myself, and anything else pink and ruffle butt I could find. You can see where I am going.

Lets face it, I can’t get away wearing ruffles on my own butt. I would get evil eyes, and strange stares. Rightfully so!¬† Heck I would do the same to a grown woman I saw walking down the street like that!

Women should be comfortable with slight disappointment, and supported through it. Not poo pooed because  they may rub someone the wrong way.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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