Placenta Jelly? What is Next?

Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything else with a placenta!  I have seen placenta burial, encapsulation, art, eating, and even a teddy bear made from a placenta… but now we are hearing about Placenta Jelly.

But the problem with this new Japanese product? It not your own placenta being made into a jelly or jam for a mothers ingestion. It is a mass marketed product to promote self healing, and metabolic change.  Who really knows whose placenta you are going to get in this new treat.

The Stir translated some information about this product and came out with this :

“Placenta has a very important function that connects the unborn baby and the mother. It creates all the multiply factor of the cell to grow the unborn baby. After the baby is born, Placenta ends its function as organ and comes out from the Body. Many animals eat placenta in order to recover the health. We human being is said to eat this placenta of the mother with their family in the era of B.C. Recently placenta of animals and human being is refined and dosage by way of injection or oral medicine.”

I think it is certainly one thing to eat your own placenta after birth, or even have it encapsulated to benefit from it in that manner, but something about a mass marketed placenta product doesn’t sit right with me. Some of the questions I would have include :

  • Uhh… Where did they get enough placenta’s to mass market this product?
  • How have these placenta’s been screened?

I mean, I can see your own placenta because you know the origin, and certainly are more attached to it than just any random placenta. But seriously?

Long story short…. you can keep your placenta jelly!  I pass!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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