Please Tell Me My Milk Will Come Back!?!

I have to admit that I’m one of those women who naively thought I wouldn’t have my period while breastfeeding. I also thought that while breastfeeding I couldn’t get pregnant. Well ladies, I am here to tell you that I got my period five months into breastfeeding AND I got pregnant too!

When our daughter was 13 months old, we found out I was pregnant with our second. We weren’t completely shocked. My husband and I wanted to have kids close in age, so we hadn’t been doing anything to prevent a pregnancy, but I still felt a little faint when I saw that plus sign on that stick. I was still breastfeeding our first! The reality that in nine months I was going to have two babies in diapers hit me like a ton of freakin’ bricks.

As soon as the blood rushed back to my head, I called my OB doctor and asked to speak with her nurse. Worried about my uterus contracting while breastfeeding (causing a possible miscarriage), I asked if I should try to wean my daughter ASAP. Of course the nurse advised that I should stop all nursing/pumping to be safe. That made me worried my milk may not come back in nine short months. The nurse assured me that my milk would come in just the same as it had with my first. Ok fine. I was still a little worried. I was also a little relieved. I needed that little push to go through the painful process of letting my milk dry up.

Weaning was pretty easy for us, and after about a week my boobs didn’t hurt as much. However, it left my boobs flat and as floppy as could be. I didn’t have the same voluptuous blossoming bosoms like I had had by that point in my first pregnancy. One month passed… then two, three, four, and my breasts were still as flat as could be. My belly was growing, but my boobs were not. My doctor kept assuring me that my body would know what to do.

Thankfully, about a month ago my breasts began to throb and grow, just like they did in my first trimester with my first baby. Seriously, they grew to three times their size in like two weeks (along with the rest of my morphing body). Now, I have the first signs of colostrum! Hallelujah!

Has anyone else gotten pregnant while breastfeeding? Did you let your milk dry up? Did that affect the way your milk came in after giving birth?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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