Poem for Baby-to-Be

Anyone who knows my wife, knows she is super sweet and quirky. Her humor and lightheartedness have often rescued me from my sometimes-dull and rigid self. Without fail, any one of her little rhyming poems she leaves around the house for me brightens my day and brings a smile to my face. With our road to motherhood almost one month under our belts, the reality of having a family is that much more real — and closer. We find ourselves cooing over other people’s babies more than ever, and the desire for our own is overwhelming at times. I don’t think you can miss something you’ve never had, but somehow, we do.

So, with my wife as my inspiration and as a way to begin expressing this incredible love, I wrote this poem for our baby-to-be.

Poem for Baby-to-Be

Hi there little one, not yet conceived
You are oh-so wanted by your momma and me

Bringing you into this world is no easy road, for many a-reason
But together, your mother and I handle all rough-weather seasons

There’s the doctors and hormones and injections, too
It’s amazing how much goes into the making of you!

Sometimes we get worried, me and your momma
There’s lots of people in the world trying to bring their drama

They say your moms are bad, and don’t deserve to have kids
But we leave others alone, and let everyone just live

Your mother and me, we got hearts bursting with love
And we know you’ll be our precious gift from above

We’ve got years ahead of us to learn and to grow
You’ll teach us, and we’ll share what we know

Plenty of questions you are sure to have
Like: How did I get here? And who’s my dad?

We’ll tell you the truth now, then, and always
And together as a family, we’ll get through the rough days

You’ll have lots of support and love on your side
So your true colors, you’ll never have to hide

Two moms, a great family, and lots of friends
Be not concerned with those still needing to make amends

Your world is true and our love for you grand
And it is upon this that we three will stand

Not haters, nor nay-sayers try as they might
Can weaken our love with their hateful fight

That you are loved, you will always know
There are no lengths your moms won’t go

So hurry up and get here, our precious Bugga Boo
Because your two moms already love you

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