Popular Mom Blogger Gives Birth After Tough Year

Proud mom of three boys.

Amy Corbett Storch has been blogging almost as long as She Who Has Been Blogging Since The Dawn of Time, and she’s been pregnant for a lot of it. But you probably know her as Amalah.

She’s one of Babble’s top 50 Mommybloggers and I’ll gladly admit I check her blog regularly. And not because she has so honestly detailed her battle to get the right help her 4-year-old son, Noah, who has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), developmental dyspraxia, expressive language delays, and synesthesia, and not even when she wrote about her father’s long, slow decline and eventual death as a result of cancer… Amy is just, well, she’s awesome. She can write about a boring day with her two sons, Noah and Ezra and just crack me up with the way she strings words together.

It’s been a tough year for Amy. After learning she was pregnant with her third son, her father’s health rapidly declined. At one point doctors gave him two months to live. That was when Amy was nearly 7 months pregnant. Her dad wanted, so badly, to meet his grandson.

In typical Amalah fashion, she eloquently wrote about her father’s last few months alive with heartbreaking honesty. Amy has made me cry more than once as she detailed the ugly ravages of cancer on human life and struggled to reconcile herself to her father’s inevitable death, whether it occurred before or after the birth of her third child:

How is one supposed to deal with a timeline of birth and death or whichever comes first when it’s not part of a montage in a movie, set to music, that skips all the moments in between where you sit on your bed and stare at the wall, thinking about how much this sucks, but also that wow, you really need to put some laundry away? Because that’s where I’m at. And I don’t feel like folding shirts.

George Hamilton Corbett died on March 28th, missing meeting the grandson he so wanted to hold by two short months.

Yesterday, after a particularly itchy weekend due to gall bladder complications, Amy announced that she’d be having the baby today. And, in true mommy blogger fashion, chronicled the next 12 hours on Twitter.

“No eating after 11 pm means it’s time for a last meal of a GIANT ASS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.”

“It’s 5 am, 90 million degrees outside, it’s dark, and we’re going to go have a baby. Hit it!”

And finally, early this morning there was this Tweet and photo:

“Well, hello there…”

Hello there, indeed.  Isaac “Ike” George Hamilton Storch was born at 7:42 am weighing in at 7 pouds, 9 ounces.

Ya done good, Amy. Dad is proud.

In one of her last blog posts before baby, simply titled “39 Weeks” Storch talked about her family’s last night together. “So, in other words, we’re all going to go play outside for awhile. Just the four of us. Before the BOOM EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW FOREVER thing happens”

Congratulations Amy and family on your ‘everything is different now forever thing.’

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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