Post-Baby Mommy Makeover?

mommy makeover
Before and After Shots from a Mommy Makeover

Today, I went to a new salon. I sat in the chair to find a full-length mirror staring back at me. What I saw, I hated.

Pregnancy and me aren’t cute. As the darling hair dresser, who had the cutest heels on (JEALOUS, I want to wear heels again) did my doo – I couldn’t stop thinking how I can’t wait to not be pregnant.  To what extreme will I go to get the body that I want post-pregnancy?

That’s a common question after have a child. Sure, counting calories, increasing activities – but what about going under the knife? More and more new moms are saying YES. But at what cost? One quick search of “mommy makeover” and it’s apparent by the adwords that this search is HOT!

Mommy Makeover
Post-Baby Mommy Makeovers

According to Dr. Diane Alexander of Artisan Plastic Surgery in Atlanta -“the concept of the mommy makeover is we’re fixing from here to here,” pointing from her breasts to her hips. “We’re fixing the breasts, the belly. Occasionally, women want their muffin top fixed. But the core of it is doing the breasts and the belly together. This is an extremely common procedure. I would say it’s the No. 1 thing we do.”

Women across the country are getting plastic surgery to erase the marks of child-bearing, but it comes at a cost: At least four hours of invasive surgery, a minimum week of post-op bed-rest, and an average $16,000 price tag. Source:

$16,000? A week in the hospital? A body that makes you feel like wow, is it worth it?  Or as Good Morning America brings up – what message are you passing along to your children? Is this coming from the pressure of society?

Well, fortunately (ha!) money is an object for this mom of soon-to-be-4, so the idea of surgery is laughable. We have those necessities such as making sure we’re not in debt, child care, mortgage, and life to worry about so nope – not going under the knife.

But if money wasn’t an object, would I consider it? If money doesn’t become an object, I’ll let you know what I decide 🙂

Would You Go Under the Knife for a Post-Baby Mommy Makeover?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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