Post-Birth Wear

I'm wearing my post-birth gown here!

Since I’m having my baby at home, I have to choose something of my own to wear post-birth.  (This is a time where a hospital gown, something that’s short and that you don’t mind getting dirty can come in handy!)  For women like me, who are choosing to birth out of a hospital, or for women who simply prefer not to wear hospital gowns, there are other options.

Actually, I ended up sewing a very soft, very simple “gown” to wear after my son was born, and I’ll be wearing the same thing this time too.  Curious to know more about it?

There are certain things that you’re looking for in post-birth wear, no matter what you decide to go for.  Here’s some of my criteria:

1) Short — Like it or not, you will bleed a ton in your first couple of days postpartum, even if you had a c-section.  If you wear pants or a long gown, it’s likely you’ll “leak” at some point and bleed on it.  Choosing a shorter gown, one that’s more like a long shirt that you don’t actually sit on, can eliminate this problem.  Yeah, it’s kind of immodest…but how much are you going to get up and walk around in the first couple days anyway?

2) Easy on/off — I can’t fuss with clothes right after birth.  Whatever I’m wearing needs to go on and off easily.  I chose a button-up gown to make this super simple.  Mine is also really loose, so it doesn’t pull or hurt (a plus if you wanted to wear this after a c-section).

3) Soft — I just like soft things.  I sewed my gown out of bamboo velour.  I have more on its way to me now so that I can make a couple more!  Wearing nice clothes after birth and feeling comfortable is so awesome.  The natural fiber allows breathability, too, meaning I don’t get quite as hot when I have the unfortunate night sweats and such that go along with the early postpartum days.

4) Easy to wash — The gown could easily get stained even when I take the best precautions.  It could at least get food all over it while I’m eating in bed, or milk all over it when my milk comes in and drips everywhere.  So, it needs to be easy to wash.   Something my husband, who doesn’t really know or care what the settings are on the washing machine (despite that he DOES help me often) will not ruin.  It’s also off-white so that if it does stain, it will be easy to clean.

That’s what I’m looking for!  So I ended up sewing a very loose, long-shirt-type gown with wide sleeves and snaps up the front of it.  You can’t quite see it in the picture above because I’m holding my son, but I’m wearing it!  It was so soft and nice that I pretty much wore it non-stop for two days.  After that my milk did come in and every morning I needed a new outfit…lol.  That’s why I’m making more this time!

What did you wear post-birth?  Did you like that?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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