Postpartum Sex: How Long Did You Wait?

Counting the days?

For some people, after having a baby… the last thing on their mind is when they can get back into the swing of their sex life, I mean really… you have a brand new baby, little sleep, and probably aren’t too fond of your postpartum body… right?

At least that is how I felt with my sons. I dreaded the simple thought of having sex, or even being anywhere naked around my husband.  My stomach looked like a deflated balloon, my breasts were starting to sag, and were full of milk, and I overall had no desire at all.

In the end I had a lot of scarring problems that lead to other issues.  (See the post: At Least Your Vagina Will Be Ok!)

But this time around it was different. I used to gasp when I would hear about women having sex a week after they gave birth, or even a month… and I found myself… and my husband thinking about it and contemplating it repeatedly. Although I will leave all the steamy details out… my husband would probably kill me if I over shared on this one!

But it made me think… why are we told to wait 6 weeks, and how long do most women really wait?

Well the first question is a simple answer, wait 6 weeks to make sure everything has good healing time, especially if you had a vaginal delivery. On top of this, typically for the first 4-6 weeks women are still having some sort of postpartum bleeding.  I know I did with my oldest.  But this time around I became the luckiest woman on earth when I only bled for two weeks, and then spotted slightly for a third week. What was your experience with the postpartum bleeding aspect of things?

But with members of my family pregnant at their 6 week check up, and hearing about that happening often… I just have to ask how long other women waited!


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