Potty Training: 5 Reasons Why Training A Pet Is Much, Much Easier

Sure, they’re cute and cuddly companions now, but it took me 6 days (not even a full week thankyouverymuch) to potty train our dog.

I’m still potty training our son, who is 3 and 1/2. I fear I will be potty training him for the rest of my life.

Clearly I am A) doing it wrong and B) in need of a bigger backyard. That way, Jackson can join Red outside and get his marking on.

Here are my top 5 reasons why potty training a pet is easier than potty training a kiddo…

1. Before you have reached a level of in-house-pee-trust with your pet, you can always crate them when you leave home. (This crating thing applies in SO MANY ways.)

2. Pets cannot speak the English language. No one under 3 feet tall is screaming “NOOOOOOOO” while running from you in the opposite direction with poop falling out of their shorts.

3. The solution to every potty training problem with pets = Take them for a walk. Pets have toilets ALL OVER THE WORLD. If you’re having a bad potty training day, put the animal on a leash and take them around the block. Kids… not so much.

4. The gear. Between the diapers and the pull-ups, the waterproof bed covers, and mini potty seats, the amount of money spent on devices to potty train your kid is going to cost them their college education. Sorry Jackson, you’ll need to work for a scholarship. Mommy and Daddy had to find a way for you to poop on the potty. That costs moolah.

5. Tricks. Incentives for pets (at least in my experience, with our lab) actually work! For example, we taught Red to ring a bell that we hung from the back door knob. At the beginning, each time he rang the bell by hitting it with his nose, we would take him outside and give him a treat. After doing that a few times, we would take him outside, he would potty, and we would give him a better treat. Eventually, we took the treats away and our dog had learned that to alert us that he needed to go out and potty, he had to hit the bell with his nose. I don’t see this working with my kid. In fact, I *may* have even tried it over the last year.

Keep in mind, this post was written before my dog decided that he was angry at us for leaving him in the house alone for 4 hours while we went to the beach, and crapped all over his crate.

What do you think? Who is easier to potty train, pets or kids? What funny stories do you have to share?

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