Practical Baby Gifts That Moms Won't Return

Skip the Cute and Go for Buying a Practical Baby Shower Gift!
Skip the Cute and Go for Buying a Practical Baby Shower Gift!

I work for a business that is 90% female. With over 60 women – the majority under 40, I attend a heck-of-a-whole-lot of baby showers.

One thing stands clear – people don’t like giving practical baby gifts!

I admit that as a baby gift giver – I too have fallen into the trap of purchasing a complete Gymboree outfit (from darling bow, to coordinating bib, to panty hose!) that a child may wear once. Then the kids spits up all over the front, the mom can’t get the stain out – and forever the outfit is RUINED – but I digress.

But as a baby gift receiver – as a mom of soon-to-be 4… practical baby gifts are the best.

What are these practical baby gifts I speak of? Let’s review:

Practical Baby Gifts That Moms Won’t Return

  • Diapers 1 of 5
    You can't go wrong with diapers - JUST make sure to find out what type of diapers the new mommy is using! The first few weeks, babies can go through up to 15 diapers a day. CRAZY!
  • Gift Cards 2 of 5
    Gift Cards
    Gift cards are a GOD SEND! This frees the new parents to go buy whatever they need - whenever they need it. Don't feel limited to baby stores that sell baby items. Consider purchasing a restaurant gift card that does take out. Believe me, this is a GREAT practical baby gift!
  • Baby Shampoos and Baby Lotions 3 of 5
    Baby Shampoos and Baby Lotions
    I have a 6 year old who stiil uses baby shampoo and lotion! The usability of baby shampoos and lotions are endless. Plus, who doesn't love that lavender smell?
  • Baby Medicines 4 of 5
    Baby Medicines
    While I would avoid controversial medicines and ointments such as teething tablets... baby medicines are a must-have for any new parents. It never fails that the new baby breaks out with a fever and the infant tylenol is gone!
  • Baby Wipes 5 of 5
    Baby Wipes
    Just like baby diapers - baby wipes are a must have. Do make sure that the new mom is using disposable baby wipes before purchasing a huge pack from Sams! Baby wipes, like baby shampoo can be used for years. Even after my children were out of diapers, we would pick up the occasional pack to clean dirty hands and faces!

What Is Your Favorite Practical Baby Gift?

Try one of these 10 Best Lovies for Babies!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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