Preemie to Toddler: 17 of the Best Cloth Diapers Around

Charlie Banana diaper.

Cloth diapers. Is there anything else out there that causes such a frenzy to purchase something your child makes a giant mess in – usually within minutes?

And yet, how I love them. We’ve used them for 2 1/2 years now with Bella, and before that I cloth diapered a few of the children I worked with as a nanny. I remember being pregnant and spending HOURS looking for the right ones – trying to figure out which would fit my yet unborn daughter and what if I bought the wrong ones?

Side note: buying a few different kinds and trying them for a while eliminates this problem.

So 30 months later I’m here to tell you which are my faves; which I’ve had friends swear up and down by, and which one I’d consider giving up my right arm for. Preemie to potty training, my husband’s favorites, doing cloth on a budget, and ones that lasted far beyond what I expected – they’re all here.

And as I’m always looking for new ones to try (especially when the boys get here and we have a double dose of cloth), feel free to leave your must have’s in the comments below.

Visit my How to Cloth Diaper page for tips on travel, wash, wipes, and getting started.

Photo credit above: Charlie Banana Diapers

  • GroVia® Newborn AIO 1 of 17
    GroVia® Newborn AIO
    Be still my heart. Fitting from 5-12ish lbs, these are cotton with a TPU outside. And quite honestly, my favorite brand of diaper. They come in all sorts of cute patterns. Easy wash and wear, they really do need to be line dried because of the elastic.
    Photo credit and to buy: Natural Baby Co.
  • Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn Diapers 2 of 17
    Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn Diapers
    These are ones I haven't tried but have several friends who have. We plan on purchasing several before the twins get here. I love that they have a fold for the umbilical cord to heal and get air. Rumparooz are known for their side gussets. Preemie to 12lbs.
    Photo credit and to buy: Kelly's Closet
  • Diaper Service Quality Premium Chinese and Indian Prefolds 3 of 17
    Diaper Service Quality Premium Chinese and Indian Prefolds
    We have 3 dozen of these and let me tell you, for a cheap, efficient way to cloth diaper, prefolds are it. I love how super absorbent these are, how nicely they fluffed after being prepped, how easy they are to wash. They come in bleached and unbleached, and you'll need a cover and something to hold them closed. (We use a Snappi.) All different sizes.
    Photo credit and to buy: Baby Cotton Bottoms
  • GMD™ Infant Fitted Diapers 4 of 17
    GMDâ„¢ Infant Fitted Diapers
    I can't go on enough about these diapers. We used them from about 2 months to 20lbs on Bella. Seriously. They held up amazingly well in the wash, and I have them waiting for the twins now. We'll be purchasing several more. Remember to get a cover!
    Photo credit and to buy: Green Mountain Diapers
  • Kissa’s Wool Lover Diaper Cover 5 of 17
    Kissa's Wool Lover Diaper Cover
    I was hesitant about using wool anything since I always get so itchy in it. But then I felt this diaper cover and was sold. Buttery soft, it's a beautiful, stretchy wool that fits nicely over any kind of cloth, prefold to fitted. After being lanolized (to be water repellent) it lasts for quite a while before it needs it again; just air out between uses. Depending on the size, they work from 8-35lbs.
    Photo credit and to buy: Kissa Luvs
  • Bummi Original Cover 6 of 17
    Bummi Original Cover
    We haven't tried these exact ones, but I do have Bummi covers that I love. They are sturdy and hold up to wash well, and have a lot of give for weight gain. This one works for 4-8lbs, making it a perfect in the hospital or straight to home cover for your new little one.
    Photo credit and to buy: Green Mountain Diapers Preemie Package
  • Thirsties Duo Wrap 7 of 17
    Thirsties Duo Wrap
    Thirsties have some of the cutest prints out there. One of my favorite of all their diaper choices is their Duo Wrap - a cover that unsnaps to allow growth with the baby. 1 goes from 6-18lbs and 2 is 18-40lbs, but there is a nice overlap at about 16lbs with both. If you can, buy one with snaps at the waist as well. Not the same custom fit as velcro/Aplix, but worth it as buttons last far longer.
    Photo credit and to buy: Thirsties Cloth Diapers
  • Kissa’s Cotton Fleece Fitted Cloth Diapers 8 of 17
    Kissa's Cotton Fleece Fitted Cloth Diapers
    Isn't this adorable? We have the larger size (15-40lbs) but plan on getting quite a few of the smaller ones (5-15lbs) for the twins for nighttime use. I love how absorbent they are, how they can be stuffed with inserts for a heavy wetter. I usually pull the Kissa's Wool Cover (a few slides back) over this for the perfect, unleakable nighttime diaper. Made from Cotton/Fleece in the US. Bleached and Unbleached.
    Photo credit and to buy: Kissa Luvs
  • Cloth-eez® Workhorse™ Diapers 9 of 17
    Cloth-eez® Workhorse™ Diapers
    Cheap, durable, easy. Made from super absorbent prefolds turned into fitteds with velcro/Aplix, these diapers were a must have for us when we were getting the hang of cloth diapering. They were my husband's go to while he figured it all out. Easy to use, wash, and dry. They need a cover to go over. Preemie to age 3.
    Photo credit and to buy: Green Mountain Diapers
  • BabyKicks Organic Fitted 10 of 17
    BabyKicks Organic Fitted
    We haven't tried BabyKicks Organic Fitted but I have heard great things about them, which is why they're on this list. I also love the BabyKicks we do have. Made from 50% certified organic cotton, 33% natural hemp, and 17%% polyester, these fit from newborn to potty traning.
    Photo credit and to buy: BabyKicks
  • Charlie Banana Unisex in Hot 11 of 17
    Charlie Banana Unisex in Hot
    I love my Charlie Banana diaper. It's soft and easy to put on Bella, cleans easy and dries quick since the insert comes out in the wash. These in the picture run from small to large, but also come in a one size.
    Photo credit and to buy: Charlie Banana
  • GoGreen Diapers AIO 12 of 17
    GoGreen Diapers AIO
    My favorite AIO on a toddler. Although this one goes from 7-40lbs, I think it's a better fit in the teens and up. I love how soft the inside is and how the snaps work to get a great fit. It can be stuffed as full as you need for night or a longer trip. Comes with a microfiber insert.
    GoGreen Diapers
  • GroVia® Shell Snap Closure 13 of 17
    GroVia® Shell Snap Closure
    We have the most of these diapers. I love them and know that for the twins, they might be the easiest to use. With a snap insert, you can reuse the cover a few times (we air it out in between) unless it gets soiled. Newborn to potty training, we've had ours for years and adore them. I'd recommend line drying the shells as the elastic doesn't hold up well in a dryer. These are the husband's current favorite.
    Photo credit and to buy: The Natural Baby Co.
  • Bum Genius One Size 14 of 17
    Bum Genius One Size
    These hold special memories for me. We bought Bella x-small BG's as her first cloth diapers. I was about 20 weeks pregnant at the time and remember marveling at how small they were. I'd recommend the snaps (as I do with almost any brand). These are soft, trim, and easy to wash, dry, and stuff.
    Photo credit and to buy: Bum Genius
  • BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper 15 of 17
    BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper
    BabyKicks are one of our most absorbent daytime diapers. I've never had a leak in these yet. While line drying can cause some stiffness, it's an easy fix to tug and stretch it a bit when putting the insert in. I love how thin they are under clothes! 7-40lbs and 30% Certified Organic Cotton and 70% Rayon made from Bamboo.
    Photo credit and to buy: Baby Kicks
  • GoodMama Carnival Bloom One-Size Fitted 16 of 17
    GoodMama Carnival Bloom One-Size Fitted
    *swoon* I do not have a GoodMama diaper. Yet. But I have to tell you, these are (in my book and many others) like the Porsche of clothdiapers. Beautiful and in a variety of styles, they are organic and all made in the US. I've heard raves over them for years now, and I'm buying one for each of the boys when they get here.
    Photo credit and to buy: GoodMama Diapers
  • Kawaii Baby One Size Snazzy Minky 17 of 17
    Kawaii Baby One Size Snazzy Minky
    Whenever I ask about cheap but well made diapers, Kawaii Baby pops up nearly every time. Half (or less) the price of competitors, these are super soft and absorbent with the most darling patters. One size goes from 8-36lbs and come with two microfiber inserts.
    Picture credit and to buy: Kawaii Baby Diapers

What are your favorite cloth diapers?

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