Preg-nology: Helpful? Hurtful? Both?

My husband and I started trying for a second baby towards the end of last year. We wanted our son, Jackson, to have a sibling. With Paul in the Navy, deployments are inevitable, and so we really tried to plan the best time for us to have another kid.

(It’s ok, you can roll your eyes. I know “the best time” doesn’t exist. That’s a post for another day.)

Both of us thought we had it all figured out; and sure enough, I peed on a stick one afternoon and promptly swapped my glass of wine for a chocolate milkshake. I was pregnant.

Though miscarriages are in my family history, I had gotten pregnant so easily with Jackson that I thought I was a fertile myrtle. Nevertheless, I kept my pregnancy quiet for a few weeks, because… ya never really know…

Sure enough, one evening in December, I miscarried.

That weekend, while on the phone with my mom, we got talking about the pee sticks that detect the pregnancy hormone up to 5-6 days before you miss your period. Since that conversation I’ve had with her, and now that I am pregnant again, I find myself wondering more and more about those pee sticks.

Is it good that we are now able to detect the pregnancy hormone BEFORE even missing your period? Do we benefit from that knowledge? Or does it cause more potential harm than good? Possibly giving a false sense of hope?

Some friends of mine have shared their stories of miscarriage with me and have felt that they honestly wouldn’t have known if they were miscarrying or if they were a few days late unless it were for the early detection pregnancy tests.

What do you think? Has our desire for the latest and greatest technology bled over to somewhere it doesn’t belong?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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