Pregnancy #3, Baby #4

Pregnancy #3, Baby #4I announced on my blog this morning that we are expecting our fourth baby. It’s our 3rd pregnancy and we only have one of those little ones here with us to raise.

I am completely thrilled, nervous, over the moon, and still a bit shocked, but overall there is a real peace about this pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that it’ll be perfect, it just means I’m able to handle what comes the best way that I can.

Right now? I’m 4 weeks and 1 day. The same as when I announced that I was pregnant with my twin boys. We told our family this weekend, they were all thrilled for us. I honestly couldn’t wait to tell my online community, who I love so much, and who have shown me and Sam so much love and support this past year.

I’ve never been pregnant at Christmas, so it’s a very special feeling to get prepared for the holidays and know there is a little life growing inside of me.

I hope so much we will get to meet this one at full term, that our rainbow baby will make it home in our arms and not just our hearts. It’s a strange feeling to be pregnant and yet grieving, knowing that I shouldn’t be pregnant because I should have 4 month old twins.

But I love them even more with each passing day of this pregnancy. I feel closer to them. I remember a lot of things about carrying them that I’d forgotten or pushed away. Little memories and similarities in some ways. Mostly craving things that are citrusy and loaded with carbs and fat 😉

I don’t know if I will get hyperemesis with this pregnancy, I’ve never had it hit this early anyway. The twins was around 5 weeks, Bella was 6-7 weeks. I’m preparing myself, our daughter, my husband, and “battering down the hatches” so to speak. It will suck, but I know that if I can just get to the point of holding a little one – it’s so worth it.

Remind me I said this in a few weeks as I dry heave over the toilet!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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