Pregnancy Adventures: Peeing on a Train

On Saturday I traveled into New York City at 34 weeks 6 days pregnant. Yeah, part brave, part nuts, and a ton of fun. But don’t worry!  I didn’t travel alone, I took a blogging buddy of mine!   Ready to head back to Connecticut at the drop of a contraction.

See that Starbucks in my hand?  Yeah… Bad idea. I think any kind of a drink on a 80 minute train ride, this far along into my pregnancy was probably a pretty foolish move, but I needed my tea!   I was dragging!

After the trip into the city, I successfully made it to the lovely public restroom in Grand Central station, but on the way back home, my luck wasn’t that good. But I did happen to sit in a car on the train that had a bathroom in it, which I did not to on the way in.

So lets stop for a moment and do a little math.

35 weeks pregnant + tiny bladder + growing baby + bottle of water = Peeing on a moving train with a port-o-potty type bathroom.

Worst idea ever.

Gravity, a bumpy train track, and a room that made me insta-gag the second I walked in should have been the first sign that the next time I have to travel into the city, I need to invest in some kind of depends.  Because let’s face it. When it comes to the end of the third trimester… sometimes depends are an acceptable option for us preggo’s who need to travel.

I am sure the on lookers and the people on the outside of the bathroom found the entire thing as amusing as I did after the fact because when I was in there, holding on for dear life… It wasn’t funny by any means.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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