Pregnancy Advice for Snooki

A nursery for baby Snooki?

The Interwebz are abuzz (again) that pint-sized party animal Snooki of Jersey Shore fame is expecting. Though she denied it a couple of weeks ago, sources close to the skank star are saying that she’s 3 or 4 months along with her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Is a there an imminent Snooki Junior on the way? Only time will tell but I tend to think that where there’s smoke (or multiple people telling E! Network a story) there’s fire. And while I wish Snooki nothing but the best if she is pregnant, I also want to pass along a few words of wisdom to the reality diva. So, from one mom to another, Snooki, here’s what I want you to consider during your 9 month journey:

  • No Alcohol! 1 of 10
    No Alcohol!
    But you already knew that right? RIGHT?
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  • No Baby-Woww, Please 2 of 10
    No Baby-Woww, Please
    Nicknames for babies can be cute but be careful. L'il Snooks is ok. Junior Juicehead is not.
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  • Barfing is Barfing 3 of 10
    Barfing is Barfing
    Lucky for you puking was a part of your world even before morning sickness. But now doing it in public probably won't land you in lock-up.
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  • Maternity Fashion 4 of 10
    Maternity Fashion
    Wear underpants. Please. We mean it. Everyone in the world means it.
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  • Crack the Books 5 of 10
    Crack the Books
    We all know you don't read a lot but now is the time to start. Don't get your pregnancy advice from a bartender!
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  • No Bling Down Below 6 of 10
    No Bling Down Below
    I don't actually know if you vajazzle but if you do, stop. Your OB does not need to see that.
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  • TransWHAT Ultrasound? 7 of 10
    TransWHAT Ultrasound?
    That wand they use for early sonograms is not what you think it is even though it looks like a sex toy.
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  • Don’t Feed The Gorillas 8 of 10
    Don't Feed The Gorillas
    Just because you're already knocked up (and know who did it), doesn't mean you can hook up at random with no consequences!
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  • Stick With A Stroller 9 of 10
    Stick With A Stroller
    When you register for your shower, do NOT ask for Bumpits, push-up bras, or spray-tanning for the baby.
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  • Tone Down The Decor 10 of 10
    Tone Down The Decor
    Sure, I suppose you could do the nursery in animal print but the usual idea is to keep it restful, not rockin'.
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