Pregnancy After Loss: Words of Wisdom From Moms Who Have Been There

Pregnant after loss
Pregnancy after loss can be a very stressful time

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time – for new moms and experienced moms but pregnancy can be more stressful for moms who are pregnant again after loss.

Once you live through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss it can be easy to allow the anxiety and fear of that happening again take over the joy of another pregnancy.  Having been through so much loss myself, I had to learn how to allow myself the space to both be happy and excited for this new pregnancy without letting the grief overshadow.

It was a difficult balancing act.

Fear and anxiety in pregnancy is normal after loss. I do believe we all deal with it to some degree and surrounding ourselves with supportive people and professionals can turn a terrifying experience into a truly amazing 9 months.

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    "Take one day at a time and don't overwhelm yourself with worry because every pregnancy is different." - Nita
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    "Don't let your fears or anyone else's take away the moments of joy in pregnancy." -Stephanie
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    "Respect the fear you feel. Take time every day to breathe. Find things that give you pleasure & do one every day. It's normal to be anxious." - Katie
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    "Focus forward. And just take it day by day. Anything else is hard." - Chantal
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    "Find things that keep you calm. everything you feel so does the baby." - Andrea
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    "Take it a step at a time and keep faith." - Cheryl
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    "Try to keep the stress & 'what ifs' to a minimum. Positive & good thoughts" - Ally
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    "Buy or rent a Doppler. It has been a sanity saver for me." - Carrie
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    "Surround yourself with a good support system and take it one day at a time" - Melissa
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    "Be gentle with yourself. It is very hard not to let the "what if's" consume you. Try to treat yourself as you would a good friend going through the same" - Jessica
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    "Although it is difficult, try to find joy in each day of your pregnancy and not let fear overwhelm you. I worried away far too much of my pregnancy after my miscarriage. You can't get those days back" - Nichole
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    "It's okay to mourn your angel and love your new blessing" - anonymous submission
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    "Try and remember that each pregnancy is dfferent & loss before doesn't mean another is inevitable" - Kelly
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    "Live in the present, do not fear the past." - Lindsey
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    "Try to relax take it one day at a time & pray." - Kathleen
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    "Be happy for what you have, at this moment. Try to not let the past spoil the present (too much) because you truly don't know what's going to happen - good or bad. Nor do you have control over much, so worrying (although understandable) is keeping you from experiencing the miracle that is, at this moment. " - Michelle
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    "Be positive and focus all of that positive energy into a healthy pregnancy. Live and breathe every moment of carrying your child and enjoy it. Never lose sight of the fact that enjoying this pregnancy will not in any way diminish the memory of the child you lost." - Lisa
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    "Know that it's okay to be worried. You don't have to be happy right away. The happiness will come in time." - Kayce
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    "Cherish every moment of life and enjoy the gift of new life stirring within. It is a waste of emotion to worry over things that are not in our control, let only thoughts of love flow & filter in and surround yourself with people that reinforce this feeling." - Anonymous submission
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    "Find health care professional who knows your history and will take extra time with you." - Devan

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