18 Provocative Pregnancy Advertisements and Campaigns

Advertisements are everywhere. They’re a huge part of our life, and print ads and billboards still catch our eyes even with all other forms of media floating around. Advertisers are getting more in our faces with bolder, more fun ads for products — and provocative public service ads have been no different.

Some ads I have come across use pregnancy in a funny way to get a laugh or a new angle to their product and others — mostly the public service ads — use pregnancy to scare and raise awareness for harmful things during pregnancy and to reduce the teen pregnancy trends.

Click through to see 18 provocative pregnancy ads and public service campaigns:

  • Scratch and Sniff 1 of 18
    Scratch and Sniff
    "This doesn't really stink but the consequences of teen pregnancy do. And this is just part of the ugly mess you'd be getting yourself into."
    Image Source: Ads of the World
  • Don’t Be a Statistic 2 of 18
    Don't Be a Statistic
    "Hey did you know 750,000 teenage girls will become pregnant this year? Don't be a statistic!"
    Image Source: Candies Foundation
  • Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer 3 of 18
    Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer
    Image Source:
  • Kingfisher Beer 4 of 18
    Kingfisher Beer
    "You drink. Your child drinks. Avoid consuming alcohol during & immediately after pregnancy."
    Image Source:
  • Alcohol-Free Beer 5 of 18
    Alcohol-Free Beer
    "Non Alcoholic Nova Schin"
    Image Source: Short Funny Stuff
  • Smoking While Pregnant 6 of 18
    Smoking While Pregnant
    "Smoking will seriously damage the health of your unborn child. For their sake stop today!"
    Image Source: Secondentry2
  • When Mum drinks, baby drinks too [translated] 7 of 18
    When Mum drinks, baby drinks too [translated]
    [translated from Italian] "Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and breast-feeding can damage the developing child's mental and physical."
    Image Source: Mamma Beve Bimbo Beve
  • Exact Pregnancy Test 8 of 18
    Exact Pregnancy Test
    "Exact Pregnancy Test is "The second best way to tell if you are pregnant." "
    Image Source:
  • Virgin Mary 9 of 18
    Virgin Mary
    A New Zealand church is holding a "caption this" contest for this provocative advertisement showing the Virgin Mary gasping as she reads a pregnancy test.
    Image Source:
  • Reject 10 of 18
    "Sex has consequences I had sex so my boyfriend wouldnt reject me. Now I have a baby. And no boyfriends."
    Image Source: The National Campaign
  • It Shouldn’t Be Any Less 11 of 18
    It Shouldn't Be Any Less
    "It shouldn't be any less disturbing when it's a girl"
    Image Source: One
  • Anti-Smoking 12 of 18
    "When you are pregnant smoking is a crime"
    Image Source: polinasergeeva via Flickr
  • Halloween in Alabama 13 of 18
    Halloween in Alabama
    "The scariest figures aren't wearing masks. Teen pregnancies on rise.
    Image Source:
  • The Girl 14 of 18
    The Girl
    "The girl you offered your seat to wasn't pregnant. When you really need something funny." [UK-based magazine Nuts]
    Image Source: Copeland Communications
  • Be A Kid. Don’t Have One 15 of 18
    Be A Kid. Don't Have One
    "Why did you father me ... if you're not going to stick around and be my father? There are only two ways to prevent teen pregnancy - use birth control every time or don't have sex"
    Image Source: DC Campaign
  • For Every Birth A Career Dies 16 of 18
    For Every Birth A Career Dies
    "In Italy, 52% of women are forced to quit their job after giving birth to a child. But the chance of reconciling maternity and career is an essential requirement of civility that the State must commit to guarantee"
    Image Source: The Grand Narrative
  • Got Milk? 17 of 18
    Got Milk?
    "I'm sorry I listened to what you said and not what you meant. Milk can help reduce the symptoms of PMS."
    Image Source: Geek In Heels
  • Mercury Pollution Awareness Campaign 18 of 18
    Mercury Pollution Awareness Campaign
    "Mercury pollution from our nation's coal-burning power plants is harming pregnant women and their unborn children. Mercy is a powerful neurotoxin that can damage the brain and nervous system causing developmental problems and learning disabilities"
    Image Source:

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