Family of 6 Goes Viral for Dino-Themed Pregnancy Announcement, and We Cannot Stop Laughing

When 28-year-old Nicole Berkley of Aubrey, Texas first learned she was pregnant with her fifth baby, she knew she wanted to announce the news in a big way. She just wasn’t expecting to go viral for it.

But hey, it’s not every day that a family of six dresses up in dinosaur costumes and stages an epic pregnancy announcement photo shoot, right? So maybe the viral fame was somewhat inevitable.

The Berkley family of Aubrey, Texas poses in their dinosaur costumes for their mom's pregnancy announcement
Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

Berkley tells Babble that the idea for the dinosaur costumes actually came to her back in January, soon after she learned she was pregnant.

“I think I stumbled across a meme or a photo of this inflatable dinosaur costume,” she recalls, “and I just thought it was hilarious!”

Knowing that her 5-year-old son is “obsessed” with dinosaurs, and that her whole family are big fans of the Jurassic World movies, she thought it would be perfect.

Sadly though, Berkley miscarried in February, and kept the idea to herself.

Daniel and Nicole Berkley hold a paper mache egg with an ultrasound photo on it between them in their dinosaur pregnancy announcement photo shoot.
Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

When Berkley once again learned she was pregnant in July, she finally shared the unique (and hilarious) idea with her fam, who gave her … somewhat mixed reviews.

“My husband was actually NOT on board at all,” Berkley admits. “It took some convincing to get him to agree, but he eventually did and he was such a trooper! I think now, he’s glad he did.”

Her kids, on the other hand? They were more than game. (Okay, after 10 minutes of trying to sell them on the idea.)

“When they saw the costumes on each other, they thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen in their lives!” she says of her four children, which include Myleigh, 10, Montana, 6, Lane, 5, and Hannah, 4.

The photos themselves were taken by Susan Garrett Photography, and believe it or not, the whole thing took just about 15 minutes.

“The day we did the photo shoot, it was actually really rainy and and stormy in Texas,” Berkley explains. “If you’ve ever been to the state, you know that when it rains it gets super muggy and humid, so the costumes were actually really hot!”

Still, during those fun-filled 15 minutes, Berkley says her whole family could not stop laughing (for obvious reasons).

“I am thankful you couldn’t really see our faces well, because we were drenched in sweat and dying with laughter,” she says, adding that the funniest part of the shoot was watching her kids awkwardly walk around in their dino suits. “These costumes have huge rear-ends,” she explains, “so the tails and bottoms waddle and sway when you walk in them.”

The Berkley family faces inward in their dinosaur costumes for their mom's dinosaur pregnancy announcement
Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

Another reason the Berkleys were probably having a hard time keeping a straight face? They weren’t exactly alone in a wooded forest — the photo shoot was held in the middle of a park in Plano, Texas, where people were passing by and slowing down their cars to capture photos of the dino family for themselves.

“The photographer [Susan Garrett] was amazing,” Berkley shares. “Between laughing, juggling a camera, and [holding] an umbrella to keep her dry, she had her work cut out for her!”

But the hard work clearly paid off. Not only did the Berkleys surprise their friends and family with the hilarious photos, but they’ve also had the whole Internet laughing for days.

Nicole Berkley poses on her own with her sonogram, while wearing a T-rex dinosaur costume
Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

“The reactions have been incredible,” says Berkley, who is due April 23, 2019. “Everyone has absolutely loved our announcement and the attention it has gotten both locally and world-wide has been really exciting!”

While the Berkleys continue to bask in their newfound viral fame, their mom says she already has some fun ideas for the gender reveal. But don’t expect her to spill them anytime soon — just like this incredible photo shoot, she’s keeping the details a surprise.

The Berkleys stand in front of a fake dinosaur egg with a sign in front that reads "hatching in April"
Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography


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