Pregnancy Announcement via Snail Mail?

Right now my husband and I are about to start trying for the next baby. I think. Probably. It’s all so scary and huge and monumental, so naturally it’s on my mind 90% of the time. Just sitting back there in the back of my brain, rambling off a list of pros and cons while I’m trying to concentrate on anything else.

But back to my point: There’s most likely going to be a pregnancy to announce in the near future. And since my first pregnancy was announced in a firestorm of tears and you tell them, I just can’t non-announcements, I’ve been brainstorming ideas. There’s how to tell my husband (fun!), how to tell Noah, how to tell my parents, how to tell my blog readers — and then there’s how to tell my family and friends. All of the people who I want to tell in a personalized way (read: not on Facebook) and in a creative way (read: not in an obligatory phone call).

Then I thought: what about snail mail? Honestly in this day and age, that might be the last place people would expect it. Yet it has that personalized, hand-written, took-the-time-to-lick-a-stamp feel. And with sites like Etsy, it certainly can be a creative option.

  • A Little Humor Never Hurts 1 of 8
    A Little Humor Never Hurts
  • Pretty Letterpress 2 of 8
    Pretty Letterpress
  • Woopsie! 3 of 8
    It happens to the best of us.
  • Simple and Straight-Forward 4 of 8
    Simple and Straight-Forward
  • A New Bottle in the Fridge 5 of 8
    A New Bottle in the Fridge
  • Something’s Brewing… 6 of 8
    Something's Brewing...
  • Don’t Freak Out, Everyone! 7 of 8
    Don't Freak Out, Everyone!
  • Share Your Excitement! 8 of 8
    Share Your Excitement!

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What do you think? Would you like to open a pregnancy announcement in the mail?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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